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whats next?

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10/08/10 dxed with stage 3 lung cancer. had 35 radiation treatments 4 rounds of kemo.tumor was erased had lingering cough from radiation burn. 6 to 7 months later had miserable headache was sent t er had mri that showed leision on brain. had surgery on brain to remove tumor.1 mo later mri showed another tumor that was removed by gamma knife.1 month later mri showed another tumor, that was removed by gamma knife. 1 month later had siezure was in hosp for 2 days. 1 month later another siezure back in hosp released on keprafor anti siezures.1 month later 2 more seizures back in hosp. mri showed more lesions.had 2 more craniactimies.been home from hosp 3 wks recovery feels slow but docs say i am doing ok just wondering does anybody know what can happen next?

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that you are going thru all this. You are one strong person, that's for sure. I wish I had some magic that could foretell the future, but alas, I do not. All any of us can do is fight this dreaded monster and never give up. You sound as if you have been doing one heck of a job! I know it is hard sometimes to keep a positive attitude and sometimes you just need to take a breather. But know you are not alone. CSN also has a chat room if you feel like visiting there. Usually someone there to answer any questions or just to listen. I hope you will continue to get good news from the Doc. I am sending positive thoughts your way. Stay strong and God bless. Cheryl

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Ii don't know what it means. But you done a great job...cancer is the beast. Enjoy your time and don't let tis stop u from making memories.

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Glenna M
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None of us know what is going to happen next, whether we are a cancer survivor or not we never know. That's why it's important for everyone to enjoy each day and find all the good in each day and each person. Don't dwell on the sad/bad things, instead surround yourself with the good things.

Keep fighting, you sound like you are a very strong person, never give up!!


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thank you all for your good thoughts ound uot net step 11-14 brain mri results. tumor are back now going for whole brain radiation.then we will ak whts next again .thank you ll gain and best wishes to you

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