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help with high 19-9 antigen value

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My mother was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in Feb 2011. The 19-9 antigen had a reading of 3000 and the ca125 had a 700 value.

She had a hysterectomy and lymph node removal which removed the cancer. The histology examination revealed a adenocarcinoma with traces of clear cell cancer. No metastasis was found and the pet scan was negative but for the uterus.

She had radiotherapy and then had 6 rounds of chemo with taxol and paraplatin. The antigen values went back to normal. Only the 19-9 remained slightly elevated and never went below 80.

However on the last session of chemo the 19-9 crept up to 1200 and is still at this value after 5 weeks from the last chemo. Did CT scans of abdomen and lungs and bone scan and can’t find a metastasis yet. I think I will take her for another pet scan.

Any advice or has anyone encountered something similar. The doctors say its most definitely a metastasis and we need to find it. Is it possible to have high vales of 19-9 without metastasis? Do you think the surgeon didn’t do a good job at the op?

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I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in Aug/2009. Not familiar with 19-9 antigen. Maybe someone else will have more information. Many of us with a diagnosis of endometrial cancer post in the section for it.
I will be thinking of you and your Mom and praying for you both. Norma

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Thank you and I hope you are well too.Always remember that after the rain comes the sun. Take care

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