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Scuba diving with one lung

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cb girl
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So far everything is going exceptionally well. It's been a year since chemo and almost 6 months since the removal of the second and hopefully, last tumor. so far all follow scans have been clear and the surgeon says he is really, really happy on how it all looks. We are going to Mexico and my husband would like to go diving. He is an experienced diver and his surgeon has given him the go ahead, but the doc is not a diver. My husband concern is the gas tables in diving are based on two lung capacity, not the one lung or so capacity he has now. Does anyone know where I could find this info or has first hand knowledge themselves? I trust you guys, not every google page that pops up. Keep up the good fight and hope.

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If hub is expert diver, he should know of a local dive shop, especially one that certifies, trains, divers, where he can get information AND give it a go in a controlled environment to see how well it works out for him?

Just a thought.

Take care and have a wonderful vacation,


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I must admit, I'm not a diver at all. But my sister likes to go scuba diving and she is a doctor. When I had my right middle lobe removed, she told me I should NOT take scuba diving lessons as the chance of a collapsed lung is quite high. Snorkling was okay in her book, but not scuba diving. It had to do with the water pressure. Please call a thoracic surgeon about this BEFORE you go diving just in case she is right. She is not a surgeon, but she is usually right on the money when she takes the time to advise me about anything medical. . .

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I am a Diver and also work for a Diving Company here in the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know if you will be able to get the info you are looking for. I hope you do but no one that I know of will because of the unknown with just the one Lung, and possible law suit if something happens. After my Treatment I wanted to go Diving again and my doctor was also OK with it but with all the damage in my Head from the radiation it was my choice if anything happened.

Hope it all goes well and that you enjoy the Vacation. Mexico has a lot of beautiful places to go diving.

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cb girl
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Joined: May 2010

After doing some checking found the info needed. They, the scuba experts, said if you have had a pnuemothorax ever then do not scuba dive ever again. Husband has had 3 pnuemothorax from his surgeries 6 months ago so the only diving he'll be doing will be at the swim up bar. Don't think he'll mind that too much, except the bar tab just got bigger. thanks for your help.

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