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911 / Toxic Dust

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Hello everyone,

After being diagnosed with FNHL Stage 3 / Grade 1.5 and my Onc stated to me that I was probally exposed to something TOXIC in my life. I told him I was detailed to 911 WTC for a couple of days for search and rescue operations, he stated that was too early to tell at this point. After I knew where I was going with this disease at this point, I decided to to do some investigating on my own with WTC attacks!!! What I did find with other illnesses and cancers that rescue workers are now suffering with, that there is alot of people that served and volunteered that have the same type of cancer. I was told it took to be on location for at least for hours between the 11 and 14th to have a higher rate to be diagnosed with some type of disease. Our great goverment refuses to acknowledge any type of cancer to the 911 attacks.... They must be kidding!!!

My motivation is just to bring awareness to whats going and to see if anyone has any type of link to NHL and 911!!!

Thank you

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Couple links related:



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I am not suprised at all that the stress from this event would have definitely caused a number of types of cancer.

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I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. The week before the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 I watched a special on CNN concerning first responders and rescue workers suffering from various forms of cancer. It was heart breaking to hear their stories. There appears to be numerous groups that are working very hard to change things with the government.It won't be long before the evidence will win out. More and more responders are being diagnosed and the sheer numbers will force the change in recognizing 9-11 dust as the culprit. FNHL is not curable, but very much treatable. I hope someday we will hear you say you have been compensated by our goverment. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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As you can see my post to you has been removed from yesterday. I hope you got a chance to read it first. I was only trying to offer support by opening eyes. I guess after 1400 posts I should know better than to try and do that. Big Brother is everywhere.Just do the research and you will find some very startling answers. I do hope you feel better. Stick with this group and they will see you thru the hard times. They are a wonderful group of people. John(not-so-politically correct)

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