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Lung biopsy yesterday

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I had a lung biopsy yesterday for a 11 mm nodule that grew from 7 mm two years a go. Per the PET Scan SUV 0.7 - suspicious for BAC Cancer.

My left lung collapsed and I have a drain tube in my chest until Monday.

The doctor called me today to tell me that the biopsy results show NO cancer. I was in shock and disbelief since the doctors were sure it was cancer.

Thank you everyone for all your comments to me on this site. I wish you all the best. God bless you all and I hope all goes well with all of you.

Hugs & love,

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I am so glad it wasn't cancer, and a biopsy is the only way to rule that out. I know the lung collapse is a common occurance with the biopsys, and I hope you'll be re inflated very soon. I wish you well. Lori

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When things show up on a CAT scan, the first fear I think most of us have is that it is lung cancer. Doctors are aware that several things can cause nodules that show up on a scan. Some are way better than cancer (like an infection that is easily cleared up with antibiotics). Some are just as bad. But obviously the watchful waiting, as stressful as it probably was for you, was well justified in your case. I hope whatever your nodule was is easily fixed. Thanks for sharing!

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Glenna M
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I am so happy for you Julie!!!! I just wish more people could get the same wonderful news that you did so we could have much less cancer in this world.

Enjoy yourself and celebrate the wonderful news!!!

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Hi Julie, Remember me? Wow! after all that time and all that worry, I'm so happy about that outcome for you. Not the collapse part, but the no cancer part. I've seen some recent studies that say up to 98% of those nodules are benign. Most are no problem at all. I'm glad that was your result. Take care of yourself. Alan

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thank you - thank you - thank you everyone. I am going to the hospital in the morning to get the chest tube removed as long as there are no problems. The first 2 days the chest tube kept gurgling and some blood seeped out. Today it is not doing anything at all. It seems like my left lung is doing all the breathing for me.

You have all been so good to me and gave me so much information. I pray that all of you do well and the ones who have cancer - I pray you beat it.

But please say some prayers for my sister who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. They are going to do 6 months of chemo and then see how much breast they have to remove.

Sincerely - Julie

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Hi, Julie. This is really great news to find a non-cancerous lump in your lung. I also had a recent lung biopsy and mine was, unfortunately, cancerous. Good luck to you and it sounds like you are going to be fine.


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