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leg cramps

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I've had a TT with lymph node removal 3 years ago.
On 150mcg one day and alternate that with 175 mcg the next day.
Doctor says my medicine levels are fine.

Does anyone have problems with really bad leg aches? Not the muscle cramps that someone can get in their sleep, but just deep muscle pain in their thighs?

I had a mammogram recently and the RN had also had thyroid cancer. She said she had bad muscle aches and her doctor said it was due to being a little hypo. (She has to be on a lower dose of med. because she gets heart palpitations.)
I've never heard of that.
Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and if they have heard that it could be from hypo/hyper.
My med level is fine, but I don't know what else it could be from.

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Yes! I too have had leg aches and pains since my surgeries etc. Even my feet hurt - I have to be careful what shoes I wear to work.
And I havent gotten an answer as to why. However, I did try acupunture and it really worked well for me.

the aches and pains diminished after the second session. She's away on holidays now and the aches are coming back - I'll start up again soon I hope.

I'm continuing to hunt for answers

Take care

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I had leg pains before surgery

i dont remember how bad they used to be or if they got worse or better but yes i get deep muscle pains in my legs... found a hot tub set at a lower temprature (98-99f) works best to ease the pain [you dont want it higher cause you want to spend 30-40 min in the hot tub]

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