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Good News Today

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i finished my imrt treatment in june and got the results back today on my first blood work after treatment. my psa dropped 50%. a week before my imrt treatment psa was 5.1. today it was 2.6 doctor wants to see me in another two months for another check. it sure feels good to get some goods news for a change. i know your psa bounces around after rad. treatment. how long does it takes to stablize?

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Don't know about stabilizing, but glad things are looking up. SC

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Each case is different. Guys with the gland in place get loger to reach to a nadir. The important is that once there PSA stays for long periods. I have no prostate and got to nadir PSA on the 13th month after the end of RT.

Hope for the best.

hopeful and opt...
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good news.....a celebration is always a good idea.

If you are in the D.C. area, how much of a surprise was the shaking to you?

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Great news! I am hoping for the same.

Best wishes,


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thanks for the good wishes. i am early in my post imrt and i will keep the panel posted. next reading in October.

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