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Biopsy with topical and injected lidocaine

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All: Just had second biopsy due to slowly rising PSA and slightly high (36.5) PCA3. First biopsy with no topical or injected lidocaine. Was dreading the second one. Wasted worry. The most painful part was getting the ultrasound probe in (I have hemorrhoids). Doc just put more topical pain killer in and that helped. I barely felt the 12 cores being taken. Take heart guys - it's gotten a lot less painful. Plus, my Uro sent my cores to a place that specializes only in analyzing them (Healthtronics) and gets the results back quicker. Keep your fingers crossed for me. SC

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Well done Avocat,

With a smoother "fells" better. Hope for the good negative results.


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Thanks, VG. Your kind thoughts help. SC

hopeful and opt...
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very good........

It's very important to get a second opinion on the pathology from another independent pathologist who specializes

I hope that all of the cores will be benign

The best

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Thanks h&o - your kind thoughts help. SC

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I hope that your biopsy is negative. However let me urge you to insist your doctor continues to test every 6 or 8 months.

If is is positive treat aggressively! Ever here early detection early cure? Now the latest buzz in prostate cancer is 'oh, it is slow growing, you can adopt the wait and watch with tests every 6 months". Most men die with cancer not of it" DONT LISTEN
My biopsy showed 2 small 'slow growth' "spots" my PSA was 4.5- I made and appointement at MD Anderson and they did another biopsy only to see if it was near the edge- it was not according to the biopsy.
I was given the choice of watching and waiting- Radiation- or radical removal. I am a Pharmacist and had already studied the choices. Radiation, if effective burns the surrounding tissue- thus if you have radiation fist they USUALLY can not do a surgery to follow it up. Watching and waiting is dangereous. I had the surgery 2 months later and when they did the biopsy post surgery there were 4 cancers, not 2, and one had just escaped the capsule. The doctor was able to get it all we think- another month waiting and you would not be geting the info. Later the doctor told me that the only accurate biopsy was the post surgery one.

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Thanks dgospel - I have already lined up a second opinion doc, if necessary. Will probably be aggressive if biopsy is positive. SC

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No significant pain and no bleeding w/my biopsy in Jan 2010. No pain relief provided.

Greatest risk is from infection which is why they gave me cirpo to take before and after the biopsy. No infection either but others have not been so lucky and why some have refused to subject themselves to a transrectal biopsy but there really is no effective alternative method of biopsying the prostate.

The risk of infection also arises via the transrectal placement of fidicials for cyberknife treatment but (unlike a biopsy) the fiducials can be placed via the perineum (like brachytherapy seeds) to minimize the risk of infection that arises when you penetrate the rectum in order to do so.

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Thanks - so far so good. Regards, SC

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