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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Missed you guys!

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Hey all! Have not been around in forever. So much change, pain..etc. You all know the drill.

It will be a year Sept 23rd since I lost mom, then husbands mom in October. January 10th, I asked him to leave - - -pretty I sure I was still on here then.

This was a good decision for me.

I still miss my best friend, mom each and every second of the day. Tomorrow is my birthday, I remember last year sitting in her living room, her laying in hopsital bed under hospice care.....I said guess what today is mom? She said what? I said it is my birthday. Her response...."what does that mean?"

Crushed, but knew it was the disease and not her. I do not want that to be the memory I have of my mom and birthday. Going to figure out something to change it tomorrow.

Hope all of you are managing well and moving on at your own pace. I will try to be on a little more.

Much love

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Hope you have a wonderful day full of lovely memory-making things!

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Thanks hon. I survived, and will continue to one day at a time. Hope you are doing well!

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