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painful area in anus - 6 months post treatment

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Did any of you continue to have pain and burning in the area of your tumor after your treatment? Like a stinging and burning? I seem to have an area that just doesn't seem to want to heal. My exam under anesthesia 3 months out and DRE was normal and I don't have blood on BM it appears, just this specific area that stings and burns mostly with sitting and when I contract my anus ... if you know what I mean. I had a stinging and tearing feeling on BM in the same area with bleeding before and after diagnosis and treatment which has gone away/so no pain on BM now ... but still this painful area worries me? Seems it should go away. Colo Rectal surgeon says did not see anything on exam. Any ideas or similar experience ... I have a 3 month check up in a couple weeks. Does scar tissue burn and sting for a time after radiation?

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Three months out is very (very) early for complete healing. It takes a long time for that area to heal. Glad to hear that your 3 month DRE was normal and that the stinging and tearing on BM has gone away - that's good!

Edit: Oh, you're almost 6 months out - I didn't see that in the title, sorry. Still very early for complete healing.

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Thanks RoseC. I'm 6 months out now ... I'm due for my next 3 month check. Do you think I should still be healing? I guess I worry that cancer cells are still there and this is why it won't heal. I'm so damn afraid of this. My initial biopsy actually removed the entire tumor which was pretty small ... and its this area that seem to feel raw. So I had only microscopic disease left in there. I had 28 treatments and chemo and did hurt pretty good ... it's just that this stinging won't go away. Although my physicians say it is likely due to treatment ... I still worry. Any other thoughts or experiences? Thanks so much!

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Hi -

Your experience was exactly like mine. My initial biopsy also removed the tumor but they couldn't get clear edges, thus the chemo and radiation. I've read many times that the radiation keeps working months out of treatment. And that once an area is radiated, it becomes very hard to heal. The radiation may even now still be at work killing those bad cells.

I'm almost three years out and cancer free. I still get stinging feelings where the tumor was once in a while, but my colo-rectal surgeon says it's to be expected.

I would listen to your doctors - unless they say something is not right, go ahead and believe them that things are ok. Keep asking questions and keep an eye on things, but don't worry too much at this point because things are not back to normal. It takes a long time...

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Thank you RoseC ... I think my worry is my biggest issue. Thank you for your support ... yes, our situation sounds the same. many many thanks!

Any other ideas out there?

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I hate to be the one to say it doesn't get better, but if we are telling the truth...My hemmy surgery was is May 2010. I did the rad and chemo from June thru Sept 2010, and my anus still gives me fits daily. I have no bowel control, I take I immodium and then alternatively, stool softerners, every time I go to the bathroom I feel like someone is slicing my butt open. I've been in the hosp at leat 5 times since tx, they give me a local and tell me there is nothing...no fissures, no new hemmys, nothing that should be causing this pain. Yet I have to use Desitin every time I use the bathroom and/or a lidocane/nitroglyserine ointment. Is this normal? I dont think so. Melodie

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I'm four weeks out of treatment and scared. Won't have follow up testing for a few months. Does the anxiety subside? My experience is just like yours. I'm so glad I found this site.

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you may have a fissure...which is very common...and because of radiation it never quite heals.I am 3 yrs NED and still have pain and burning.it's tolerable ,but always there.Hugs .alyse

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Thank you to all. I guess my worry is it's the area that was cancer. And to the writer who says they are scared ...yes, I'm 6 months out and have to say I'm so consumed with worry. I use meditation, guided imagery, prayer and try to stay active and yet I still worry. My poor husband is so supportive, but he's running out of patience I think. It helps to write to you all.

My pain, irritation and, itching waxes and wanes and I worry .... I sometimes fear the radiation didn't get to it ... I had IMRT and although that is a great modality, it has to be well targeted. Although I had care at an NCI designated cancer center, I still worry.

Thank you for the support and encouragement. I hope to get a good report at my 6 month follow-up in a couple weeks. xo

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Hi, I had terrible burning and stinging after my treatments. To help me with my pain the doctors gave me a tube of lidocane. I had 7% lidocane. It does sting some when first applied but the relief it gave me outweighed the momentary burning pain it gave while applied. As for the scar tissue...I still have days where my scar tissue itches or sends me these shooting pains like mini knives stabbing me...I still find a good soak in a hot tub of water is the best. I still have some tubes of ointments the doctors gave me and I use those from time to time also. I have at least two scars that I know of...about the size of fifty cents pieces. I know they have told me I have scars on the inside too, but I don't know how many or how big. Please be aware though that I have radiation proctitus now from my treatments. They have told me it will take 3-10 years to go out of my system, and that it may not ever completely leave my system.

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Hello Worden4 ... thank you. How far out are you from treatment? I see you joined the group June 2009. Do you have pain from the internal scars? What are your symptoms from the radiation proctitis? Thank you again. Your response is encouraging that I'm suffering from treatment and hopefully will decrease my worry about residual or recurrence. Many thanks ...

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Hello, I had pain with bms and walking for the 1st year post tx. I had pain without bms. Our anal area has been shrunk and burned, and is in the healing process for quite some time. I am at 2 years and 1 month and 9 days post treatment and have normal bowel movements and occasional urgency, and thats only when I don't go when I should. It gets better one day at a time. I am totally back to normal with my stamina and just got back from a trip to New York City with more than 10 hours of walking each day. I feel very good. I wish you well. Lori

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I,M 57 I got with my treatments done in jan its been 7 mo. Were going to take a small trip just to get away.Before i could'nt i had alot of pain .And then in may i had 2 biopsys and the last one he really went in deep. Because they wasn,t sure and wanted to make sure the cancer was gone.The pain is better sometimes i dont have pain .But when have few bms .Then i really hurt bad .I soak and then i put my Desitin on .Couldn't make it with out it.And when i go shopping it happen's alot i guess its from being on my feet .If i have more then 3 'B m's 'it hurts to walk.I,M SO GLAD FOR YOU .Glad you could take a trip to New York and shop and have no pain.I dream of that lol i love to shop.

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you are early in healing. i am post tx 25 months and I just now got a little better with the walking and sitting but can not do my 45 minute walk on treadmill like i did before i got the cancer. i have scar tissue in anus and that hurts any where on your body. i think it is normal to hurt for at least i year and maybe longer because of the radiation and the biopsy. those who do not hurt are blessed. and you will get better. as i said it took 25 months for me to feel almost normal- but have had a set back due to coloscopy. sephie

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