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Should I skip the surgery

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I have Rectal cancer stage 3. I had chemo and radiation. The tumor shrank to what they call an ulcer. I am doing great but still scheduled for surgery, any thoughts.

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If you are having concerns about making a decision on surgery perhaps you should get a second opinion.

My personal feeling is removal is best.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for the reply

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If it is still there, you should opt for surgery but also get that second opinion. Of course, the decision has to be left up to you and you should be satisfied with whatever decision you decide to make. Good luck on the surgery if you continue to go in that direction.


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If ending up with an ostomy is what's bothering you, don't
allow that fear to kill you.

More often than not, surgery is the best way to remove a
cancer tumor, and very often, that is all that's needed to
survive cancer for an extended period of time!

Many of us that have ended up with an ostomy, can tell you
that it is most definitely, not the end of life. For most of us,
it might be an inconvenience, and possibly a life-changing
event, but not one that will cause us to die as the cancer will.

Rectal cancer is one helluva' dangerous cancer. But in most
cases, the danger is unduly increased by the physician's attempt
to improve the "quality of life", by not ordering an ostomy to
accommodate the removal of what should have been removed
to insure longevity.

Take a deep breath; learn the odds....the statistics.... and make
the decision best for you!

Best of health,


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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I had stage IV and my tumor shrunk down to what they called an ulcer too. I had a colon resect, but if I had it to do all over again, I think I would have just had them watch it very close. I regret having that surgery. Since surgery I have developed ulcerative colitis and have had back and leg pain. I would definitely get a second opinion. It is ultimately your decision to make.

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Doctors tell me that if it comes back it could spread and then I guess I would have more serious problems.There does not seem to be a test to catch it early or to say I still have it after radiation.

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it has to be your decision. I however would want it out asap. I would kick myself if it came back and spread.


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It is up to you,but I had the surgery,and a colostomy,permanant,and I don't regret it one bit.the chances of it coming back are slim,because the doctor got it all by shrinking it.There is no guarantee that it won't come back ever.I have friends,and relatives who didn't get the surgery that are not around anymore.Even if I have a recurance,at least I had the extra years.It is all up to you,but remember farah facett.Good luck in your choice.

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I was stage 3C before treatment with a lower rectal mass and had the radiation/chemo and shrunk the tumor also. I had resection and would do the same. I also had the 6 months of chemo. It was all tough. If I could change any of the things I did it would be to gain more knowledge on food, vitamin & supplements, alternative therapies, and anything else healthful to go along with what treatment I did. I was so overwhelmed and worn out most of the time I waited to start letting myself learn.

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My decision would be to have the surgery. Out, damned spot, out!


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This is your life we are talking about. I would think you would want to do everything possible for this monster not to come back but at the end is your decision to make and to live with it.

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