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Scan results

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In their terms.......multiple well marginated, low attenuation lesions throughout the liver are not significantly changed in size nor number.
continued decrease in the mural thickening involving the sigmoid colon. And 2 nodes have slight regression.

In my terms sounds like the liver is holding steady and the tumor in the colon is smaller along with 2 lymph nodes.(????) Good enough for now, however no chemo due to the platelets being at 82. Although I was truly hoping for some better news this is by no means bad news.
Roger is really tired of every 2 weeks and I was hoping for his sake that he would get a break and actually he was very happy when they told him no chemo today. Health and Happiness to you all. Kim

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I was getting chemo when my platelets were at the 72,000 level and did ok. It's always the onc's call but chemo can be done when platelets are lower than your husband's.

But it sounds like a week break was just what the doctor ordered anyway. My platelets never get high so delaying mine never resulted in enough of an increase to matter.

So we stayed with 2-weeks, but I know how tiresome and grueling it can be. Hope this break helps him.

The report does sound favorable - it's a keeper.


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A little reassurance never hurt anyone. The oncology dept. here likes them (platelets) to be around 100, 2 weeks ago he was at 93 and he had his treatment so they are a little flexible. He has been trying to convince his onc that every 3 weeks would be ok with him, but his onc wants to stay with every 2, so he joyfully walked away with a big smile on his face today and said in the elevator "at least I got out of chemo-hate that pump". Thanks so much for responding to my result post. Kim

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prying for a continuous regression in next scans,concerning plats,mine wre 80.000 and not a problem as Craig said!.
But a week off it's always good for the patient! actually I'm one week off due to low neutrophils!.
Hugs Kim .

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Best wishes to you and Roger... enjoy the chemo break!

Hugs and love Dora

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Report sounds good to me. Everything stable and then some. YAY! You all take care


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Sounds like those results are favorable. He got some regression with no new spots so that is encouraging. My doctor wouldn't do my treatment unless it was 100 or better either. Sometimes that extra week is exactly what is needed. My last three treatments were at least three weeks apart only because of plateletts and one of my "phil" numbers. He will feel better with this little break.


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Thank you all so much for being so very helpful, kind and caring. Always grateful, Kim

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