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a little bit of my story....

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Im 21 years old and on November 19th 2010 I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. A month and three days later I was recovering in Memorial Sloan Kettering, after a total thyroidectomy done by the most awesome surgeon ever. I swim in college and if it wasn't for my coach I would have never found this surgeon. If it wasn't for my forced yearly swim physical god only knows how long the nodules would have gone undetected. I had two types of papillary thyroid cancer, on one side i had "tall cell variant"(which is agrressive) and on the other side I had a "follicular" type (which is not so aggressive).

The term "cancer" bring about many emotions and being negative connotations. Although cancer is never pleasant, I take this experience as a blessing. From this experience I realized that anything can happen at any moment and to live life to the fullest. Not saying to go out and be crazy and do things you normally wouldn't but just be a little less uptight and always have a good time and life to please yourself. This experience also shows me who my true friends are. I had two "best friends" and the BOTH missed my surgery day and have stopped contacting me. i have gained an awesome friend, she was with me and my family in the hospital from 9am to 8pm ((she will be in my wedding =]))

This experience helped me grow up, develop stronger bonds with the people who were always there for me, to live life to the fullest, live for yourself and I'm stronger than I ever realized.

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I had to comment on your post - it is so inspiring and insightful. You seem to have a wonderful attitude and are wise beyond your years. I'm 35 and battled breast cancer last year (and kicked it's ***...) but I also chose to look at the positives that I gained from it. I have 2 young daughters and I really drew my strength from them, but it's amazing the inner strength that you can find when faced with life threatening illness. I've also had some friends kind of drop out of the picture, and had other friendships strengthen.
Best of luck and good health wishes to you :)

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Aw thank you Heather that means a lot to me !
Hell yea for kicking cancers *** !!!!! we beat it and im glad you did and glad you took the positives from it and used your daughters to keep you going.

I believe in situations like theses everything happens for a reason and whats the point of dwelling on the negatives.

Best of luck and good health wishes you you too Heather !!!! =]


Billie Jean

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I can relate to you so much, and I have such a similar outlook. I am almost 20 and have been battling breast cancer since being diagnosed in September.. Its hard to relate to a lot of women I meet who have breast cancer, because none of them are even close to my age. It has been such a crazy and scary year, but I am so blessed to have had this experience because I know so much good has come out of it. I have learned so much about myself and about life in dealing with it. The way I see it, I have the next 80 years to live my life to the fullest all because I have overcome such adversity.

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tanker sgv
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I read your profile, I couldn't figure out how to message you, but you said you would be interested in helping with cancer awareness. So I think I might need some help. I don't have cancer but I have lost almost my whole family to it. I'm 27 and believe in advocating for those who can't advocate for themselves. I started a cause called A Ribbon For All Cancers on causes.com I got around 300+ members but I feel Facebook Pages would be a better fit. My FB PAGES page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Ribbon-For-All-Cancers/186052438109112 . My goal is equal federal funding and awareness for all cancer types. I want to create a place where young people can talk and post about cancer issues, but I seem to have hit a stalemate in getting noticed. Please take a look at it and let me know if you would be interested in further discussing any ideas or intrust u might have. This is something very near to my heart as my parents were young when they passed and from different cancers. I will always continue to advocate for the millions affected by Cancer, and completely understand if ur unable to assist as u are fighting yourself. Stay strong and thank-you.

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I'm 22 and a thyroid cancer survivor as well!! but I must say.. I'm no where near your positivity level. Pre-cancer.. I was probably the most positive person in the world and loved life. During treatment.. I think I faked it a lot. And now post-treatment.. I'm tired of the facade. I'm tired of still feeling sick. I'm tired of no one understanding completely or being able to help. I wish being positive was something you could just send me in the mail haha

So if you don't mind me asking...are you completely back to good health?? Did you have any side effects or anything?? Sorry for the debbie-downer in me coming out. It's almost 2 am here.. my sleep is so off it's ridiculous and sometimes being fake happy wears off about this time of night haha


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