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Fast growing mole on my scalp

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The mole was never raised until about a year ago, and over the past year it has doubled in size. It is skin colored and symmetrical. It felt almost like it was an ingrown hair and I picked at it a little and bled easily and was very irritated. It is almost the size of an eraser now. I am certain that I have basal cell skin cancer. I am uninsured, I only have money to insure my family and not myself. Can anyone fill me in and what I can expect to deal with getting it removed? I want the mole gone, but I don't want to pay for alot of tests, etc. Can I go to a lab and have them take tissue samples without spending an extra $100 to find out nothing I didn't already know or just have it removed without testing for basal cell cancer? Any ideas on how to save money taking care of this issue would be appreciated.

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You'll have to bite the bullet and have a reputable dermatologist look at and remove it for testing. When I had a mole removed for testing they took it out with a razor sharp little instrument very quickly. There's no way to know is cancer without a test. It's not worth risking your health over trying to save a few dollars. If you have cancer and financial problems, apply for charity coverage.

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I just had one removed , have it done properly, pay it off over time. apply for federal grant from local hospital Hill Burtan Act, Hospitals have free care programs , Best wishes go apply ...

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My wife had the same issue almost exactly. Had it taken off and margins checked etc. Then it came back ~1year later, taken off again and margins checked etc. Now has a 3" round bald spot to deal with forever. Do this right the first time! Get the money how you must and go to a real Dr. that knows how to deal with this type stuff. We are now going through more melanoma mets, etc. and surgerys hoping for the best and her first indication was the spot on top of her head. It was flaky and bled easily as you described. Hopefully you have done something by now. I am new here and just reading this.

Best wishes!

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I was just googling around to see if this mole of mine might be something I could have removed. Then I wound up here. The mole on my scalp is like what you & others described, as in exactly.Surprised  I will have mine checked right away. Thank you all for your comments. Best wishes.

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The only advice is to consult some doctors not a single.

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