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searching for informatio

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I am a 39 yr old female. I have had an enlarged lymph node in my neck for almost two years now. By last year it had doubled in size so I was sent for a biopsy. The needle biopsy came back "suspicious". I had a chest xray done and it showed something on my lower lobe of my lung, but they thought it was scar tissue. The dr. wanted to schedule another biopsy, the hospital refused saying I should have surgery, the ENT dr. said he believed it was nothing to worry about and did nothing further. I figured if he wasn't worried about it, why should I.
About three months ago I developed a cough, fever, cold and then waking up in a pool of sweat. I thought it was just a cold but the symptoms have lasted for three months now. I have to sleep with three of four pillows cause if I lie flat I am coughing too much. I get winded and tired just walking to the mailbox some days and am constantly tired, have trouble concentrating, and am still going from freezing cold (even though it is hot out) to sweating so bad I have to change my shirt a couple times a day/ night.
I am starting to think that these symptoms are not related to a cold or chest infection. A medstudent friend says he is pretty sure it is lymphoma, I was wondering if these symptoms sounded like anything others had gone through or if I am just making too much of this.
I mean if the dr. didn't seem too worried about it with the last biopsy and chest x ray then I shouldn't worry right?

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Hi the coughing was the one systems I had and also dizziness and fatigue. I would definitely get checked to rule out lymphoma.......... I don't think you can make to much out of this, I would have been in real trouble if I didn't go and get checked out! Good luck Vinny

miss maggie
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Hello Cig,

I would certainly check your systems out. Why guess and worry. Even thought Inever had
any sweating, there are others on this site that did.

Good luch, and please see a doctor to make sure everything is OK. Maggie

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i agree with Maggie and Vinny. have it checked out. You may have to insist on it. John

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I was in the same situation 9 years back. Had a biopsy which is a simple surgery since the swelling was just under the skin. My GP advised that a needle biopsy is not foolproof and hence it was better to go for surgical biopsy rightaway. For me it was identified as NHL follicular low grade stage IV as confirmed through a CT scan. Chemo was initially with tablets only.

It is NOT necessary that you have lymphoma, but an early detection is extremely important. If your doctor is not listening go to another doctor - please don't delay.
Good Luck,
Hari, NZ

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Hi - you didn't sign your name, so don't know how to address you! But I will add my echos to all the above posts - you MUST either find another Dr. who will proceed with testing or insist that he/she does so. I've had NHL, Follicular stage 4 for two years now. The cough and night sweats are definately pointing towards lymphoma - two major symptoms. I was able to be in "watchful waiting" for 9 months before blood work and tumor growth reached the point they were looking for and then chemo began immediately.

I urge you to not let this rest - you must find out for sure. After my surgical (not needle) biopsy following the CT scan that showed many abdominal tumors, I was referred to an Oncologist right away. PLEASE do not wait! You'll find this a great support place to come with questions if it turns out you have NHL. Everyone is wonderful with helpful advice - Fran

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I certainly agree with everyone that has written. I would make an appointment right away. Good luck to you.

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I waited for one doctor for two years, and I regret it now. Make an appointment with another doctor, and ask for an ultersound. I had nightsweats so bad that it soaked my clothes and my bed. A lowgrade fever, and fatigue.


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Thank you everyone for the advice and honesty. I am going to the hospital that did my first ultrasound and biopsy a couple years ago and having some tests done. I will let you know when I know.
God bless and thank you

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Your symptoms are like what my husband had. He had an enlarged lymph node in the neck as well. He went to a Dr who did a needle biopsy and the result was inconclusive, which we thought was weird, because all they did was put him on antibiotics. He finally was referred to an ENT who did a surgical biopsy and sure enough it was Lymphoma, Stage IV.

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