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Wilms Tumor

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Hi I'm new to the board and honestly didn't foresee needing another place to blog or seek support but here I am - the grandmother to a darling 3 yr old grandson who they believe has a Wilms Tumor on his right kidney. They have surgery scheduled for Tuesday morning. It had been previously scheduled for last Wed then changed to last Fri, but he has vasculities (I'm sure I misspelled that one) and that is causing his clotting levels to be too low. They have given him 2 units of plasma and at least 1 unit of whole blood and it seems to have raised his levels to the satisfaction of the doctors. This has been very hard on the parents and we aren't even to the tough stuff yet. The tumor we are told is relatively small 2" x 4" and they believe from all the scans and tests that it is contacted inside the kidney. If they determine he is "stage 1" he will undergo some chemo after surgery. They have also had a tough time with iv's and they even put a picc line in, but received a text today stating they had to start another iv cause it seems the picc line is leaking. This little guy is tough and doesn't realize he is sick. Prayers from those who believe are greatly appreciated.


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I'll pray for you and your grandson.

The great news is that there are plenty of Wilms survivors in this board who are leaving 30+ years!!!!!

Have faith and be positive.

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Will pray for your grandson and the whole family. Please try to stay positive and believe that all will come out well.

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I am 50 1/2 yrs old mine was as a six month infant back in 1960. I'll pray for your family

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