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Craig and others

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Craig, i didn't know that you took milk thistle during treatment. So your onc was ok with that? Did you take it on chemo days, too? How long did you take it, if i may ask? That's something that i would like to take, but didn't know if many people with success took this. That's why i like to see all the different opinions. I suppose i will be on chemo for life...will find out scan results tomorrow...not feeling good, ceu had almost tripled, after it doubled-down. I know people say not to worry about ceu variances, but this is more than a small variance. Thanks!

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I took the Milk Thistle about a year. Took it once everyday with the strongest milligrams I could find, maximum strength was how it was labeled...might have been 500 mg a day.

I even took it with chemo, yes. My onc was like "whatever."

I believed it did help me. Of course, I had RFA to burn the tumor out about 8cm big and I had Cyber Knife to clean up the remanants of the tumor.

Folfox, Xeloda and Avastin followed all of this melee. I do feel like it helped me and my liver, as I had fatty liver as well. It certainly did not hurt anything.

Dec 2007 was when I had liver surgery - docs said it "highly unlikely" I would see Xmas 2008.

We're in June 2011 now and this Xmas I'll be 4 years out from a tumor in the liver. I read if you went 2 years with no recurrence in your liver, your odds were greatly improved it would not show back up there.

Of course, it went to my lungs and we just beat that back too. But I consider the Liver War a crucial stage of my battle and we always want to win in the liver.

Stay with me, Janie - don't you go bailin' out on me yet, honey, OK?

You've got to remember that when cancer cells die, they release proteins that can cause a spike in CEA levels....it may be nothing more than that, which means that would be a good thing.


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Nana b
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I took 200 Mg, but have added another 200 mg in the evening. I also take 400 mg of tumeric. Among other herbs.

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don't you think it may help.
the details in my last post about milk thistle.


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Question to Rachel and others.....do you take the turmeric supplements in pills bought at the healthfood stores, or is the curcumin turmeric you buy on the grocery shelf one and the same??? I wonder if they just put the same thing in the pills and charge you more for the nice packaging in the capsule form?

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