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Son not eating and nauseated all the time

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My son has quit eating mainly because when he eats it gives a lot of pain and makes him nauseated. They just started him on Marinol , he has taken two doses and so far nothing seems to have changed. What I am curious about is if it takes a little while to start helping? Has anyone else used it and has it helped you? He is going to starve to death if he does not start eating, I am beside myself trying to figure out how to help him. I have tried suggesting just eating in small amounts every couple of hours and other things. He does try every so often but like I said when he does most of the time he starts hurting and then gets sick. He was overweight when he first was diagnosed but now he is underweight, they wouldn't even do his last Erbitux treatment because of his weight and of course his magnesium level was down. Any suggestions are greatley appreciated!! I am so scared we are losing him. So far the tumors have stayed in his colon,liver, and lymphglands, but they are going to spread if he cannot have his treatments and they will not be able to do them if he does not start eating.

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something called Megace my onc prescribed for me.it really helped me get my appetite back.dont know if this is the same as what he is already using....Godbless....johnnybegood

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When my son was on radiation and chemo his dr suggested muscle milk, it is high in protein. Gatorade will replace electrolytes(sp). When my kids were sick I always stuck to the brat diet. Bananas,rice, applesauce and toast. Clear liquids/broths.

I no how hard it is to have one of your kids with this awful disease. My heart feels for you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs to you

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I suggest trying that if it's available.The marinol didn't work at all for me, and my oncologist suggested marijuana. Making a tea, or smoke eased 90% of the nausea, and definitely gave my appetite a boost.

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I agree 100%. "There's nothing like the real thing baby" as the song goes.
Marinol if science's attempt at being Mother Nature. Not nearly as good.
It can also be ingested in cookies as well as tea as neons356 suggested or smoked.
Works great

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As much as I'm into health and building the immune system, when I did chemo I Smoked marijuanna a lot and it was literraly a life saver.it make me hungry all the time it helped keep my mind of what was happening, it helped with pain, and it helped me sleep, why this is not legal throughout the US for cancer patients is outrageous. I threw those pills away after 1 week they did nothing for me. If you are going to have him smoke it, a volcano vaporizer is probably your safest bet as it gives you all the benefits of the THC without any carcinogen affects, just google volcano vaporizer you should be able to find some online, there are some cheaper ones but this is a medical grade one.
Good luck hope he feels better

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Nothing helped my guy get through the ravages of cancer treatment better than cannabis. When dried well it can be pulverized to a dust and mixed with a tiny bite of tapioca or pudding to go down easy, Jello brand makes a tasty pre-made tapioca, it's in those little lunchbox size six packs in the refrigerator section of your grocer.

I hope things get better and that you're in or near one of America's 15 enlightened states that have removed the prohibitions on cannabis. If you aren't, no worry, the stuff grows like crabgrass and I understand is as widely available ;)

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His doctor needs to be made aware these problems are continuing. Don't wait for next appointment, call soonest. There must be something which can help with the pain. It seems that is the real culprit.

If not for the pain perhaps then he can manage mild semi-solid foods. I don't know your son's situation but if the tumor is in the colon itself, more solid foods may be causing the pain. Protien rich drinks, like Boost, which can be bought at drug store or grocery might help him get back on track.

Please stay in touch and let us know how things go.

Marie who loves kitties

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I can't agree anymore than you graci... it should be legal everywhere!!

I have seen the volcano vaporizer. She didn't have cancer, but something like Fibro.

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I was listening to a cancer survivor conversation last week and he mentioned how much marinol was helping him. I have not tried it myself to be able to advise, but perhaps it does take some time to be effective. I'm with the green crowd, so I prefer my marijuana in its natural state and use it though it is not legal in Utah. Marinol should help with the nausea and should increase appetite, but I"m concerned with the pain your son is experiencing when he eats. I read your profile about his condition but don't see whether he's had the colon tumor removed? Has his chemo treatment shrunk his tumors? I would have expected the tumor shrinkage to reduce pain...

Definitely go with small portions many times per day. If possible, just set the food in front of him. Sometimes a person will become willing to take a few bites if it is there, but would say no if asked beforehand. Stick with fairly bland foods until he's feeling better...BRAT diet, scrambled eggs, jello, pudding, crackers and cheese, tuna...

One of the best things I've found for nausea is ginger...I have ginger gum, ginger tea, ginger jelly, ginger liqueur, candied ginger, ginger candies, fresh ginger to grate into whatever...you name it!

Don't give up, this phase will pass.

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All the Marijuana in the world isn't going to make the pain go away which is why apparently he isn't eating even with the marinol. So why the pain? What do they say? How can the pain be eased? Find the reason for the pain and hopefully it can be eased and then maybe the eating will start, but for right now, try "Ensure" or "Boost" or the "Muscle Milk" already suggested and that should go down easy and he will at least get some nutrition. Ensure is great for adding weight.
Thinking of your son and wishing the best.
Winter Marie

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Just a question. Does your son still have the tumor in his colon or was it removed? I was like that until I had an emergency colostomy done, it had grown so much until my bowel was totally obstructed, and eating anything at all caused extreme pain and vomiting. If he is obstructed something needs to be done.

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Bananas, Gatoraid, and ginger cookies helped me get through it. There were days that was pretty much my diet. Dried Ginger also helped and green tea also helped keep me hydrated and the nausea lower. The nausea never went away while on chemo. The nausea went away about a month after chemo ended.

A low residue diet helped when I could eat. It lessened the diarrhea. Every time I went to the bathroom I ate another banana, drank gatoraid and took Lomotil. This is not then end all, just lowered the misery with out taking serious drugs. I have always felt the least amount of chemicals the better. Lomotil made my diarrhea less and never stopped it.

I tried various drugs for the nausea. Nothing ever worked for me, some made it worse. It just became the new standard of how I felt. Once I got that mind set that I was going to be nauseated for a while, I was able to suppress the misery of the nausea.

Sending good thoughts and good vibes to your son!
Best Always, mike

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I too wondered if it was the tumor in the colon causing a blockage and the pain, if nothing is passing through the colon you're going to vomit it back up, I had a complete blockage too. Keep us posted, best wishes your way.

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