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Well.... platelets in 129 after one week resting, not bad but now the problems are...

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neutrophils part of the withe cells, I'm in 1.5 ,we go to chemo again tomorrow but .....what's the solution for that ? how long takes to recovery neutrophils?. Any comment highly appreciated!

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Are those white blood cells?

If so here is a site which talks about treatments




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Thanks for the link my dear!

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Neurophils should be in the 3 - 6 range, so yours appear low, what was your WBC overall?

My partner when he was having a Chemo was low once, but after 2 injections they were normal, even though no treatment at present they are 9.7 which I take is very good as the range is 4 - 10.

After the bounce back of your platelets you should have no problem correcting this too.

Oh! dont eat any cucumbers.....joke...bloody germans.

Best wishes


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a problem of the Spanish cucumbers,LOL. hope you are aware about,so eat lots of them.Actually the Spanish gov. has put Germans on a trail for the bad information they gave about Spanish cucumbers , it sounds a joke but as main cucumber suppliers in Europe they are loosing hundreds of million sa month and loosing 600 employees a week,so have a gesture of solidarity and have cucumbers for dinner tonight ! LOL..
Take care my dear britton friend!

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they have us in a Pickle!

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It was a joke, we british have a strange sense of humour, the point being that the Germans are laways fast to apportion the blame to someone else.

I eat cucumbers, but only buy British, always have done.

I read today that the German comments and the impact on Spain and Netherlands will cost the British at least £16million pounds, now I know why we joined the EU.

Nothing to do with cancer but it may mildly amuse other readers

Stay, happy safe and well


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cucumbers lately!,
Take care!

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Darn Germans!!!!

Uncircumsized pickles...WHAT????? Bad for you????

Hugs, Kathi

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I agree Darn Germans they cut not do it worst!

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Hey, Pepe.

I don't have the answer for you, but I just want you to know I'm praying your counts get where they need to be.


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See my comment earlier on the "phils". I'm still dealing with that. They won't come up, but very slightly but then they go down again. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know as well.

Hugs! Kim

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I had low counts on white blood cells so I had six or seven neulasta injections two days after infusion while they were taking my 46 hour pump off.

The plalet counts went out the window next and time off was the Rx for that.

I guess the neutrophils, though lowered, stayed up enough for me continue treatments.

Time might be the only Rx.

Best to you


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dear pepe,

i left out meditation and hypnosis.
i have kangeroo once a fortnight, put the hop into your step.

if none of these help, then you could try sex, but you need to do it three times a day for at least one hour. and do this each day for a week. let me know if helps.

even if it does not cure the blood count, it will get your mind onto something relaxing and enjoyable. and remember it counts as exercise.

not sure if your up to that.

i hope you can get it up. the white blood count that is.


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REALLY. I was not aware that sex comes under exercise.It explaines a lot to me about ARnold and the famous golfer addicted to "excercise" LOL.
I will pass this by my partner, he will love it.
Thanks Pete, you made my day.

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My mum has the same problem, her neutrophils dropped to 0.5 only and her oncologist gave her some kind of white blood cell booster, one shot per day and inject via her belly. She had 5 shots so far.

You may want to ask your oncologist and see if he/she can prescribe that for you.

Best wishes,

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Our best luck with platelets has been with PSK, or at least an American clone - JHS Coriolus extract, while on oral chemo. PSK's action is different than Neulasta. The price is not too terrible either.

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