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Anybody familiar with Dr. Dattoli's center in Sarasota, FL ??

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Due to PSA rising after RRP in Dec. 2010, I am looking for the best follow-up radiation. Any info will be appreciated. As well as other recommendations. After checking his website, I'm not sure about the advantages of his different tests including "color flow doppler ultrasound" and "DART (Dynamic Adaptive Radio Therapy)". A member of my support group was treated there and has nothing but good things to say. I'm willing to travel to get the best treatment, however, because its far away doesn't always means it best. I have a good hospital and radiational oncologist nearby who I have confidence in. One shoe doesn't fit everyone, I'm just trying to collect as much info as I can in order to make an informed decision. Any and all opinions are appreciated.

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I have no direct relation to Dr. Dattoli or his Centre except that I read many papers on his researches and presentations. He is much respected among the “big” names in PCa ideology and famous for the "color flow doppler ultrasound". This is a reliable "tool" in diagnosis but expensive. Nevertheless many visit his center to obtain second opinions.

DART is another way for delivering radiotherapy bringing closer to the screens the situation (enables planning for organ motion live) as it develops while in treatment. It is more intensive than modalities based on fixed protocols which will require constant vigilance by the radiologist. The good thing is that it follows the principle known to all of us as; “no case is equal and we all are different”. So that a more personalized way of delivering treatment may have better results.

However, radiotherapy has proven cases of success in current protocols with thousands being treated monthly. We cannot say that the actual technique is “passed” or “old” or out of the standards.
DART is new so that it cannot stand as “the best” or “better” without a number enough of reported successful cases that could be compared to other modalities.
You are the only one that can get that feel. Others would tell you about their “personalized” feel.

I suggest that you investigate about the Varian equipment in their site, and visit the institution where you plan to be treated. Successful radiation treatment is expected to occur from the latest reliable machinery and the best radiologist team.

Hope you find the proper judgement on the matter.
Wishing you the best.

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Thanks for this and previous replies. I'm seeking other treatment centers in addition to the one in Connecticut(hospital close to home). I will be having another PSA the end of June to see if the pattern establishes itself. I'm doing my homework now so if I do need additional treatment, I can make an informed decision. If you know of any other resources I should be checking out, please let me know. Any and all information/opinions is appreciated.

Your comment about "the best...team" has always been our philosophy. That is how I chose the DaVini surgeon for my original treatment. I'm convinced he is the best in his field and that worked for me.

Dr. Dattoli offers a "free" consultation phone call. All he asks is that all info, including relevant tests, pathology report, etc. is sent to him in advance. I will be taking him up on his offer. My main question will be is: "How does his treatment (specific to me) differ from other treatment centers?". I'll kept you posted as I go through the decision process.

Thanks again.

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Hello Will:

If you choose to visit Datoli, which is far superior to a phone call, please be aware that John Sylvester has set up practice in Sarasota also (Lakewood Ranch Oncology). Sylvester was formerly with the team of Blasko, Grimm and Sylvester which was always on the leading edge of brachytherapy and radiotherapy practicing out of Seattle.

Also, right down the street (literally) from Datoli is 21st century Oncology's offices. These guys (Dr. Stephen Patrice) came highly recommended by my local friends at ACS and the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa.

It would be easy to visit all three in a day.

Good luck to you!


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