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lesons on ct scan

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After recently having a 7 month scan, after a partial nephrectomy, a few liver lesions were discovered. I guess what concerns me is that the report says they are stable from previous scan, but I could see no mention of them on previous scan. My internist who ordered the scan says to wait till my next scan in october and they are stable and to just watch them. I expressed my concerns, but she said that is what they do? I know usually if cancer spreads it is usually to the lung or brain. Does this sound right. I still get so paranoid about all of this stuff. thanks for any feedback.

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These have shown up on my CT scans over the past 9 years and are usually very small and the doctor just says nothing to worry about and these are normal. I guess if it becomes abnormal I could have sonething to worry about, but I have gone 9 years without worrying and until someone tells me differently I am not going to waste my time worrying.

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Hi. My last scan before my surgery showed a few small cyst on my left kidney which of course had me alarmed. My doctor told me that this was normal and I could have gone through life and never known that they were there . It's been 49 days since my surgery and with my next scan coming up in July I can't say that I haven't given any thought to it .Let's keep praying on it.

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I have lesions on my other kidney and liver. Have for at least 6 years. But they are "stable" (haven't changed size), thus not medically significant. And usually, if they start to grow, they grow about a cm a year. But most lesions don't grow. That's why they say just to watch it on future scans. Many of these lesions are cysts, a type of mole, or other benign spots.

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It will be 5 years this month since I began with the Big C. Over the years I have had numerous CT's, ultrasounds, x-rays, a PET scan, and a partridge in a pear tree. There are cysts in my remaining kidney, and cysts in what is left of my liver (left 1/2 removed with a kidney cancer mets.) I would hazzard a guess that if they did random CT's on 100 people and followed up a year later, all of them would have small cysts that had not grown.
At this time, don't stress yourself. Let the Dr. do the monitoring and worry about the results if...and only if there appears to be something the Dr. feels needs further investigation.
On my initial surgery that removed lots of junk, they did several liver wedge removals from the right lobe, with immediate pathology and found that the cancer had not metastcised to that side. Just cysts.
Soooooo, continue to heal, and enjoy life.

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All four of you thanks so much. I guess this is common for some of us. I love this site. It was just alarming to me and even though we hear don't worry about it, come on who are they kidding. Darryl good luck on your CT scan and let us know how you are doing. You know probably lots of others have all of this stuff we just know about it by accident. Take care

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