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Medical Card Walet

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If you have not done this I would recommend it because it makes things so much easier

in my wallet I have a card with my medications , surgeries , allergies and other medical important info



1) Synthroid 200 mgs/day
2) Cytomel 25 mgs/day
3) ... ... ... i am not going to list all my meds here but be sure to list your vitamins as well as any herbals you are taking

1) 22 Feb 2010 right side Thyroidectomy
2) 09 Mar 2010 Thyroidectomy completion
3) 02 Apr 2010 Stapedectomy right ear
4) 05 May 2010 Radioactive Iodine 175 mCi
5) 18 Aug 2010 Stapedectomy Left ear

Medical Alerts
1) Allergy Codeine
2) NO MRI <- medical implants in ear
3) Thyroidectomy

In my wallet I have about 5 of these when asked for the info i just hand them the card I normally get it back but it’s always nice to have spares (not to mention you can print up a lot on 1 page of paper (hopefully)

Also any time I pick up meds the pharmacist asks about things like that

Also if you ever get in a car wreck or such and are unable to give the info they have your name, a contact person and your meds and medic alerts. be sure to put Thyroidectomy as a medic alert cause sometimes they are a little dense and don’t realize you said it in surgeries.

Remember a card like this will be of tremendous use if you can’t respond to the doc and they can’t get a hold of anyone else.

The Doctors, nurses and receptionists as well as ER staff think its wonderful I have this card.

Would love to know what you all think

If anyone can come up with more things to put on or reasons why we shouldn't list some of these things please comment.


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I would also add a card that has all your doctors/specialists of record. List everyone from your ENT, Neuro, Onco, Rad Man, etc that you are actively seeing. Simply listing a name and phone # has been sufficient for me.

We also take a portable (leather) business card file with us when we travel to the doctors as they sometimes need more information than what we can keep on the individual cards we give them.

BTW, My medical history/info is too extensive for a business card so we have mine typed up on 2 sheets of paper and we always take that whenever we see a new doctor/specialist. It saves a lot of paperwork and time and the doctors are always appreciative of getting that so they can quickly scan through and get the info they need.

Also, I would suggest putting on the card or paperwork, your original diagnosis so that a new doctor or ER doctor knows what they are dealing with.

Great idea!


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