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8 Months On...

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Hi everyone,
It's great to see that so many folks are doing well after their surgery. My open partial neph was in September last year and healing has been fairly straightforward. Huge scar, but pretty cute as scars go! After my 6 month checkup some new cysts have showed up on ultrasound, and there is a solid mass at the rim of the remaining part of the kidney. I'm really worried about this, as my pathology results originally revealed a benign Mertanephric Adenoma, and apparently they don't grow back (not much is known about this tumour and they are still very rare). There were positive margins after my surgery, but no-one seemed concerned.
So now it's back to the CT scans, bloodwork and general poking and prodding. I have a bulge still near the incision which is apparently not a hernia but just nerve and muscle damage, but it aches like hell and looks weird. Apart from that, and the constant tiredness, things are going great and I'm back working full time.
I would really appreciate your encouragement and good thoughts!!!

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Hi there. The only thing I can tell you is to try and keep on top of things and ask away with the questions. I am 8 months postop on a robotic partial nephrectomy. Like you, I got positive margins, but i was told mine had literally attached itself and was growing on top of the renal artery and it is not uncommon in this type of surgery to get positive margins. I recently also had a scan which showed a previous lesion on the other kidney and also on the liver. Stable. I am not sure why some of us get these growths. Keep positive and try and keep informed. Talking to others is a great outlet and that is so important. Take care What did the doctors say when you asked them about the cysts

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Same here. I've got spots on my other kidney and on my liver. But they've been stable since at least 2005, so we don't worry about them. They're only an issue if they grow. And when they grow, they grow very slowly.

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