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study ..coffee drinking and prostate cancer

hopeful and opt...
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The Harvard School of Public Health did a study among 48,000 men over the last 12 years.


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IRA---I guess I must have come out on the wrong side of this study. I have been drinking coffee my entire adult life and even more when I was in the Navy and look where it got me !! But I do hope that it's true and can help others. It's funny though, doctors tell you not to drink too much coffee and now this study tells you that drinking 3-6 cups a day may help in preventing cancer. What's a guy to do?

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Bronx: Me too...Navy radio op 1957-1961....about 12 cups/day....Welcom to the club bro...

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Being diagnosed with PCa can make one cynical over time. I drank way too much coffee for 30+ years (4-6 cups per day). Did me no good in being on the right side of the Dx, but then I have failed almost every percentage thing with PCa. Hoping that changes with all I have been through to treat same. I will stick with pomegranite juice, green tea, cocoa, etc.

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Did not help me either...but I do enjoy my coffee on Satuday and Sunday....

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I don't drink enough coffee to make any difference.

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I'm STILL looking for a disease that a steak and a beer will prevent.

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