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Another weekend, here we go again....

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Weekends are hard because I do not have my work, which give me focus. I'm trying to stay busy this weekend because I've learned that I need planned activity! I'll be planting flowers today (Saturday) in memory of my husband. Sundays are always hard, but I purchased tickets to a show for my son and me. We'll also go to church and a Mother's Day breakfast.

I wish everyone a busy weekend full of comforting memories.

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This is only my second weekend without my husband. I am not sleeping well either, so I was to bed late and up early...too much time to think.

There are plenty of things to do...my apartment is a mess, I need to go to the garden, I should go to the gym...but I am so unfocused. All the time Frank was sick I didn't make plans on the weekends, so I could spend the time with him, and now the days just stretch so empty before me. I find myself already dreading the upcoming memorial day weekend.

Stargzr, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and a peaceful weekend. You are not alone.


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My husband just passed away on April 28. He had been in the hospital for 4 1/2 weeks prior, but at least I still got to see him and talk to him. I to dread Memorial weekend as we always went to a close friends annual party.

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My husband passed on April 25th. I'm sorry to hear about yours.


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I am going on 10 months since I lost my husband, and weekends can still be very hard. I found that if I made a list of things I needed to do, it helped. Sometimes I accomplished alot and sometimes I just did not have the motivation to get much done. Very hard but you just keep pushing forward.

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Happy Mother's Day Star...you have crossed my mind many times today. Elizabeth

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