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sorry, just a few more questions...

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Thanks everyone for answering my other discussion. I am going to the VA clinic tomorrow. I told them what was going on with me and they said they wanted to see me ASAP. This is just with a regular doctor, but then they said they would send me to another VA Hospital to do further testing. I just have a few more questions though, when some of you say you had a full feeling in your stomach, what do you mean? I feel like the top of my stomach (right underneath my breast) is always feeling full and hurts from time to time (no matter what I eat). I still eat, but sometimes it makes me feel like I've already eaten too much. My stomach also feels like it weighs 100 extra pounds. If that makes sense. Then lately I feel like I need to wipe my butt througout the day. It feels like theres a little liquid or something messy back there (sorry if its TMI) I also have some mucus (sorry about the spelling of it) from time to time when I wipe from having a bowel movement. I just wondered if anyone of you had these symptoms too? I know my appointment is tomorrow, but just wondering anyways. I had surgery for hemmis and fissure, but I don't remember having some of these symptoms with the surgery. Thanks for listening to me.

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The symptoms vary. I hardly had any, some people have many. Since you already had hemis and fissures it could be related, HOWEVER, you are doing the right thing by going to the doctor. We have to listen to our bodies. If you uare going to a regular doctor ask for a referral to a colorectal doctor so they can do a digital rectal exam (DRE). Regular doctors are not always familar with these cases and tend to diagnose hemis without further ado. Again, it may be that or it could be something else. I am wishing you the best and hoping it's nothing more than hemis or your fissures acting up again.

It's nerve wrecking in the mean time. We all understand that part. Please let us know what the doctors say and know that we are here to support you.

Sending positive thoughts.

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I had mucous with BM's prior to diagnosis. And the fullness I felt was in my anal area. It was a feeling of always having stool in my rectum/anus, even after a BM. Now I realize it was the tumor. I would also feel somewhat bloated in my abdominal area.

I wish you the best with your appt. today and hope you get some answers or are at least on the way to getting some answers. Please let us know how it goes.

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Hello. I never had the mucus before but had really bad hemi's and fissures. Lots of bleeding a year before diagnosis (even though I had a colonoscopy a year before that). I felt like Martha, a feeling of fullness after I went to the bathroom all the time. That was the tumor as well. Good that you are having this checked out. Please keep us posted. Marilyne

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I also had the mucous leakage, of course, I didn't realize what it was. Please let us know about your doc appointment.

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