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Doctor's Appointment Today

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Well it's not really the news I'd wanted to get but my white and red count just aren't moving at all. They are still below normal and even this time a little lower than last time (6 months ago). She says that it has been too long and they should have started coming up again. She wants me to go for another blood test in a month to rule out lupus, HIV, Hepatitis, liver profile, CEA and couple other things. She commented that before radition/chemo my counts were good but after the radiation/chemo they just never bounced back. Alkaline phoshate was a little over normal so she said if that goes up she wants to do another scan. Geez was hoping to get past this six months scan and go to one year. All my liver functions/enzymes are all normal except for the Alkaline. I'm sure she doesn't think that the white count being low is caused from AIDS but she said she just wants to do this to rule everything out. I've heard that sometimes the radiation can do permanent damage especially when targeted at the pelvis and wondering if this is what happened but I'm not sure. Other than that all other blood work was good.


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It took me more than a yerar after chemo to have some decent counts and still not normal!. I remember after folfox a was in 3800!.
That's more than most of doctors have ever seen!.Now I'm on 400!.and feel great!.Hope rest of labs going normal next time!

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I hope they can figure this out soon.

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Oh, goodness! I sure hope it's none of that! Maybe you just need more time for things to get to where they're supposed to be. I'll be praying for a change for the good for you very soon!


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dear kim,
i hope your liver and blood counts bounce back.

ps my counts are average and i have been reading on the liver ......
see my post about secret joys of chemo

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in there girl i have the faith in you...Godbless...johnnybegood

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I've been out of treatment since februrary 2008 - radiation and chemo for anal cancer. Both counts continue to be lower than before treatment. I've had all the blood tests and even a bone marrow. There is no evidence of anything so my onc thinks it's my new "normal". He did mention that in very rare occasions one could develop myelodysplastic syndrome about 4-5 years out of treatment. But I think you and I are just experiencing our new normal.

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Girl!!!!!! Look at that pic of you.... it got healthy wrote all over it!!!! Nothing wrong with you girlfriend....... I agree with dasspears....its your new normal. You take care!!


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