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A special but sad week

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Hi, dear Friends,

Sorry I had been out of touch and read most of your posts. I had been busy adjusting going back to work the first 2 weeks then visiting mother often until she passed away a week ago due to ovarian cancer. She stopped treatment last Jan. - it was her decision and she was 83 so she had a long life but it is sad the way this ended for her. Tomorrow is the last night of shiva. Two days ago, my father asked us (his children) and grandchildren to take turns around the table to share our memories of mother. It was beautiful and supportive. Now, my dad is all alone in his big house and he said he won't move out so we gotta watch out for him but he is a strong guy. At 85, he still jogs. Anyway, I am sending positive thoughts to everyone as I miss not being here for a while.


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Hi Liz,
I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. What a sad time for your family. Last night sounds like a beautiful time. How special for all to share.
I hope you are feeling stronger every day.
May peace and healing surround you and your family.

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Dear Liz,
I am so sorry your mom passed away. Both of my parents are deceased and I miss them so much. Please take care of yourself and know we are always here for you.
Much love to you and your family....Sue

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Hey Liz, so sorry for your loss...... take care, and your father will be alright, he seems like a strong man... take care Vinny

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Never easy losing a parent my heart goes out to you.God bless,Michele FNHL3

miss maggie
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Dear Liz,

How very sorry I am for the loss of your mom.

Your dad sounds like such a special man. I can picture you all sitting around the
table listening to each other going over all the wonderful memories. My mom died before my dad. He kept her slippers by the front door until the day he died. Do you live near your dad?

All my thoughts, Love Maggie

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I am so sorry honey. I lost my mom to cancer as a teenager and can relate to the pain of losing a mom, but she died way too early.

Take care of your Dad and yourself by the way! He may change his mind about moving after some time. Sounds like he's doing great for in his 80's, if only I could say the same about myself in my 40's lol.

Take care sweetie,

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It is rough losing a parent. In those final days isn't it weird how we sit and remember all the good times we had with them.There is usually one good moment that stands out above all the rest. That continues long after they are gone. Its just a way of keeping the memory alive I guess. It seems we remember them at being a younger age as well. Then we ask ourselves, Where did all the time go. It gets easier with time and those great memories remain the rest of our lives. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Your condolences really comfort me! Thanks.

I live near dad - 30 min drive. Yes, it is weird now that we siblings and their kids all become closer. Why hadn't this happened before mother passed away? I guess it is becuz we now have each other so to "mother" each other and true ... to keep memories alive! Generation to generation... Actually, mother is my step-mother of 40 years. My own mother who raised me passed away of yes - ovarian cancer when I was 17. Poor dad had to witness that the second time with 2nd wife. But they had 40 years together.

With blessings,

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