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New Guy

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I ran across this site and have been reading through it and been extremely touched by many of the entries and learned a lot. Thank you. I wish I knew about this four months ago.

My name is Ray and I have stage 4 colon cancer that was diagnosed early this year. I am 46 and live near the beach in southern NJ. I spent a month in the hospital and was at death's door there. Since starting the FOLFOX regimen I have been doing remarkably well and just got a really encouraging call from my doc for my CT scans after 12 weeks of chemo.

I have been filling my days with family and friends and have a lot of travel plans. Since I didn't think I was going to ever leave the hospital, every day seems like a fresh start for me. Down the road I know that there's a huge probability of ugliness, so I am doing what I can now.

I wanted to thank everyone who has posted here. Your strength and caring shows and its great that you share all the advice and the joy and sorrow that come with the turf.

Love and strength to you all...


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Welcome aboard! Even though you wish you had found us sooner, the good news is you found us. I am sorry you need to be here, and happy that you have had some good news.You have the right attitude.

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Glad you found us. Sounds like things are looking up for you. Thats awesome!!!! Happy to hear. keep coming back we need to hear your story, it will help you to get it out and will help others to hear it.

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Glad to hear that you had some good news. Take good care of yourself

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Sorry you have the need for us, but glad you found us.

I'd also suggest due to your young age at dx, that you visit the ColonClub.com. It was started to address the special needs of those of use dx'd before typical screening age of 50.

Glad you've had encouraging results form FOLFOX!

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I am the mother of one of the other members here, Johnnybegood. We found this site in Oct. 2008. Everyone here is a wealth of information, caring, love and support. Johnnybegood was 44 when first diagnosed and I know that her will to fight has been strengthened many times by this group.

So glad to hear that your news is good.

Take Care,


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Hi Ray,
Welcome and congrats on the good news. I am in Florida now, but grew up in PA. Spent many happy weeks in Wildwood and Cape May. I miss the boardwalk!!
It's awful that you have to be here, but you will be cyber surrounded by caring, knowledgeable people.

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Hi Judy,

The boardwalk is still there, its as tacky as ever ;-)

I live in Diamond Beach at the far southern end of Wildwood island. I have family down for the weekend. We just took a walk on the boards and played Fascination (kind of a Bingo and Skeeball hybrid that only exists here) for a spell. Its a little raw outside today, but its fun to see town waking up from winter. I'm sure you are faring better weather-wise in Florida!

Take care,


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We are glad you found us too. We hate having to add to our number because that means someone else has cancer, but we always have room in the family for one more brother or sister.

Glad to hear that you are doing well on your current treatment, and that you are getting to spend your time doing things which make each day count.

Take care and keep posting.


Marie who loves kitties

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ever care to visit...we are a total separate entity from anyone else...we are semi colons and caregivers of such. We are your new family, you will never be the same after a few days with us. We make the bad days bright, the sad days happy, and in some cases we have a few that even dance naked when great news comes, so with us you'll get a dinner and most times a show. Feel free to browse, handle, and window shop, and ask anything you like, we love questions.....Heres to ya............buzz

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Sorry you had to join this group, but glad you found us. We are a great group of caring people that will help you get through most of yor situations. Don't ever feel afraid to ask about a certain situation - believe me, we've covered them all. Glad you got good news from your doctor about your CT scan. Once again, welcome to the board.


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Hi Ray, I'm glad the evil folfox is doing good things for you. I was on it and my Dr changed me for folfiri. I have 2 more to go. You will get there too friend! Good luck with treatments and we will be here for you!

Take care, Gail

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Joined: Apr 2011

Hey gang,

I really appreciate your words of welcome and encouragement. I'm not typically a huge internet poster, but these are hardly typical times for me so its comforting to know there's a place where I can ask questions or get a lift when needed from people who are in the same boat.

Thanks again for your kind replies...

Peace and love,


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Hi Ray,

We are here for you and will help you through this journey.

Best regards,

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Hi, Ray.

It's good to meet you, but wish the circumstances could be different. I'm so glad you're getting more encouraging news now. Keep it up!


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