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Hubby's last PSA in January was zero. Next Wednesday will be one year anniversary of his DaVinci procedure. I'm very happy to report that for my 50th birthday back in December, he gave me a very nice present - I'm sure you might guess what it was! We had worked religiously as a team on his rehab, as prescribed by doc, and it paid off. Just remember that the number one rule, if you choose surgery, is to get a surgeon with LOTS of surgical experience. Also one that will care and be a good coach for your rehab. It takes some men longer than others. There were times of despair, but we kept keeping in mind that nerves are in shock and have to heal. And we kept up the rehab. If you want more of the details, email me privately on that one!
It requires Cialis or Viagra to achieve the desired effect, but we are ok with that. It is wonderful to see my husband feeling restored.
As far as continence, he is probably about 99% in that department. He has been very good about Kegels and he also had the sling installed during the procedure. If he has a cold and is coughing a lot, he might lose just a few drops of urine. But we are so happy with the outcome of his surgery and he feels he has come such a long way in this year's time.

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Glad to read that all is going so well and improving! Keep on practicing that rehab!


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A good physician is always related to successful stories like that of yours.
Keep that “fire” alive as it will reflect in the other minor issues of incontinence
Happy anniversary.

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Nice to hear such a happy update, Mrs. Hope everything continues to go well for you both.


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