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Smith & Nephew wipes recall......

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In a post on March 28, Thxmiker wrote about a recall of medical wipes made by Triad Group due to failure to ensure the sterility of its products when inspected by federal investigators.....Turns out, in an item dated 4/20 also at aboutlawsuits.com, this also affects adhesive remover wipes, skin-prep and other wipes under the Smith&Nephew brand, product code numbers: 420400; 420471; 5942045; 403100; 402300; 59403125 and 59420600.....Since I write date rec'd on my monthly ostomy shipment, I;ll be using those I received in 2010 but those from 2011.......?????

If any of you currently use these products, might want to check out this article.....


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Thanks for the heads up.

I went and checked mine. They are made for and sold by Holister but nothing to indicate the manufacturer.


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