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2 yrs saturday

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That my love lost his battle with colon cancer Angels mom lives in california and could not come to az for her son she was so upset crying alot i bought 10 white ballons and 2 black and some roses and a mixed flowers haley my 9 yr grand daughter came with me we let the white ballons go saying a little something as each ballon went up to the sky. left the 2 black ones there it was a sad day for me and my sons and his family, i can;t beleave its been 2 yrs, right up until he took his last breath the pain was horrible for him and i know he is not in any pain now and that helps me to go on everyday. I have been crying alot lately but i will be be better soon. thanks for listening


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It's so hard to see our loved ones in pain or in distress. I think that the realization that they are free from pain, suffering, and disease helps to keep us from going stark, raving mad. I will keep you in my prayers.

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I understand how you feel. It seems like I was doing fine too but when the first anniversary of Tom, my husbands death was Mar. 25th all I did was cry. Once the day passed, I was okay again. Sounds like your husband suffered alot. Mine didn't cause he was only sick for 2 months and actually died from a RARE side effect from Avastin. It was quick and we never even got to say goodbye. In fact we hadn't even gotten used to him having cancer when he was taken from me suddenly/
I think your idea of releasing balloons was neat. Wish I would've thought of that. I feel bad cause we have crypts so I can't even put flowers on a grave.
Please take care Michelle! We'll all make it!!! Carole

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we are all together on this journey and i feel your pain too.

take care


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It will be 18 months for me in a couple days. Sometimes I feel Ike it was yesterday, sometimes forever. We are still grieving and that's ok. Crying is ok, too. Our hearts will always miss them, but we will still move forward. Thank goodness for family, especially grandchildren! Take care, Fay

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Michelle
I lost my dad to EC a year ago March. On the anniversary of his death, I looked at it as his 1st Anniversary in Heaven. This made me smile, and feel happy for him. He is now happy, not suffering, and not in constant pain. Try your best to celebrate Angel's life on earth, and now in heaven. His life before the cancer. All the good times you had together. You will see him again. God made us that promise. God keeps his promises. Keep you faith. Believe in God. Know that we are always here for each other. Lean on us whenever you need to.
Tina in Va

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