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Update on Kerry...from Susie

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Hello Family...... I just received this email from Kerry's wife Susie.


Hospice is a great help! Also the TLC caregiver that comes every night has been wonderful. She comes here at 8:00pm and I go to bed at 10:00 knowing that he’s in good hands. Our son Dan sleeps d/s so she calls him when she needs help to flip him or change him. He will stay here as long as I need him. He has the ability to work from a computer so he can still do his work. Thank the Lord for the internet. The nurse came this morning and inserted a catheter ….he felt nothing. He is taking 80mg of oxy and all the morphine he wants. He really can’t talk much except he called Dan a stupid ******* yesterday because he spilled Gatorade down his chin while he was trying to give him some. He is out most of the time. He told me yesterday he wanted a cigarette and I said no because of the oxygen tank in the room and he didn’t mind at all. He also told me he loved me. As long as he never says another word to me….I have that to remember. They don’t think he’ll live past the weekend. Dan & I are OK with this because we have been his caregivers thru all this and know that Kerry is also ready. Soon after everyone finishes their goodbyes, I will tell Kerry it’s OK to let go.

This is by far the worst thing I have ever gone thru. He struggles so hard to say something and you can’t hear or understand what he’s trying to say. You can see the frustration in his eyes. He thinks I’m nuts with all the guessing I do trying to make out what he’s saying. Brad, older son is having a harder time with this. He and his Dad have always had a more stressed relationship because they are both two bulls butting heads. He can’t be here as much because he’s the pool builder and this is his busy season. He was here yesterday and his wife is on the way down.

I will keep you posted and thanks for thinking of us. Jennie, please feel free to share this with others. He asked me not to go on HIS site because it was his private thing and I have always respected his wishes. So if you don’t mind being my go-between I would appreciate it.


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Thanks again for the update... So sad that we are going to lose anouther good friend and my CSN Buddy. I will miss him very much. My thought goes out to his family


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If possible send a big hug to the family and let them know Kerry it's been an inspiration in my fight!.
This board will never be the same without him we will miss his humor , his politics talks and his swears! but over all we will miss him!.
God bless him!

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Thank you for keeping us posted.

Please pass along my thanks to Susie for keeping us updated and let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with them all.

Hugs to you all,

Marie who loves kitties

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My heart is heavy. Today is not a good day.

Sending my biggest hugs to Kerry and family. It is so tough to stand by....I am doing the same with my mom...hospice calls it 'actively dying'...I call it hard to watch. But, just like Susie, we grab the small stuff...mom responded the other day to my daily "I love you, mom" with "I love you too, darling"...then she receded again...

Hugs, Kathi

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oh Susie and Kerry

you are on my mind


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Susie and Kerry,
I am thinking about you and your family every day. Susie, Kerry just loves you to pieces. He spoke of you often.
I will keep all of you in my prayers.
Kerry will be missed.


Thanks Jennie.

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Thanks, Jennie, for posting the update from Susie.
It's so hard hearing about people being at the end of life. Especially with hearing about John passing away this morning. I didn't cry this morning hearing about John and am not now hearing about Kerry- I just feel "heavy".

Jennie, if you can just let Susie know that so many are thinking of her, Kerry, and their family at this time. It is so wonderful that Susie was able to hear "I love you" from Kerry. God bless-

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good bye for me too.did not get to know him well but was really looking forward to him getting better so he could help me fight this recurrance.this has not been a good day for me as it has not been for others also.just knowing i have to go get chemo#3 tomarrow is bad enough ,then finding out about john and kerry all in the same day(whew)im glad we are having a revival this week cause tonight i really do need it.love to you susie and your family...Godbless...johnnybegood

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This is so sad With the news about John this morning and now this???? Poor Kerry and Susie. I hate this fu@#ing disease.

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My heart hurts for the imminent loss of a good friend and yet I know that what Kerry gave to us all will live on in our hearts. I know I am a better person for having known Kerry.He has the ability to make me laugh when everything seems so dark around me and he has the gift of letting everyone know that he really cares.

Susie & Family...thank you for sharing your angel called Kerry with us. He has influenced so many of us in a most positive way.May you all find peace in the days to come.

Not Good-bye but instead "See Ya' buddy"


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Thank-you for this update; I just wish it could have been better news. I have loved getting to know Kerry + will always remember, "attitude, attitude, attitude!" I am thinking of you Kerry, Susie, Dan + Brad + family.

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My tears are for real.

My thoughts have been with Kerry and Susie for a while now. I wish them both peace as they adjust to this new plane in their journey.

Peace and love, my friend.

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all of us))))))))

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tina dasilva
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my dear Kerry and Susie hugs Tina

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So sorry to hear that he has gotten to this point. Loved his sense of humor and all the contraptions that his wife made for him. Glad that he is getting the medication that he needs and that his family is there with him. May God be with him and his family.


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Kerry....thank you so much for the smiles, laughs, inspiration, and unforgettable posts. Peace and comfort to you and yours!

Love and hugs, Gail

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Thank you for the update,It's very sad news.I will miss him,and keep praying for him.

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Just tears right now.

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It's a good thing I'm typing and don't have to actually speak. I can barely breathe. I hate to think of a world without Kerry in it. He's my favorite "Old Coot," and I suspect I'm not the only female in this group who fell under his spell.

Please know that we're all going to miss Kerry and remember him forever.


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Each time I think of Kerry, I only say these two words over and over again: "Don't go"
But I know he must.

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I know. And I really want him to be free of the cancer. But it is going to hurt for a long time.


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Tell Susie to tell Kerry that we love him and always have!!! He was our family member here! And that we'll see him soon at the other end!! And that only those die who are forgotten!!! So he'll live forever!!!

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