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test time!

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Well, it's that time again. I have my mammogram tomorrow. Hoping the spot we've been watching for a couple of years is still nothing to look at! Then I go upstairs for a blood draw. They're doing the c-met. Who can tell me what that means? I can't make much out of what I've googled.

On Monday I see the oncologist. Routine visit to say, "How do you like me now?"

On April 27th, I have my colonoscopy. It was pushed up a month because of all the pain I've been having, just to see what gives. I was successful in pushing for the Miralax prep!!! Hoping and praying that works great for me. I take Miralax every day, and it is so much easier to drink than any of the other possibilities.

While I'm posting, I'll say that I've been fairly quiet here for me. Just sort of processing all the sadness here right now, plus worry about friends "in real life" newly diagnosed. Also VERY busy with Relay For Life stuff. I'm working really hard to have my team meet some good goals, and I personally want to be in the "Grand Club" for the second year for raising at least $1000.

Love y'all and have not abandoned you!


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We like you just fine! You have a busy and stressful month ahead of you so remember to take good care of you and do something for you! Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

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be praying that you have good test results.remember to just breath i have positive vibes that you will be fine.let us know asap....Godbless...johnnybegood

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looking to hear some good news


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wow Gail....that is a whack of tests.....good luck with all that hon.....

I want someone to wave the magic fairy wand and say.....OK done!!! cancer begone....no more tests.....hahaha wouldn't that be nice? where is she????

seriously....i have been reeling too Gail.. so so many serious results here lately.Mary has really struck me hard....

sometimes I think....what's the use?

but then we get our second breath and on we go....

have a hug and on you go....thanks for working on Relay


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(and I'm sure they'll puff back up afterwards!)

Good health!


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Good luck with all the tests! I hope you excel in every one!

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Dear Gail,

Best wishes to your test results!!!!!

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Hi Gail,

You are always so sweet and positive in your posts! I will be praying for you as you have the mammogram and then later the colonoscopy. Even if you've been all clear, I know how nervewracking it can be in the worry and wonder if all will remain all clear or not.
I think you'll be fine! You've got lots going on in life- no apologies needed for not being on the board as often. We all get busy and we all have periods of time where we just cannot process more difficult information and we need to distance ourselves from it for a while.
Best wishes in your quest for raising funds for the Relay For Life. I've not gotten involved in that yet, although I did donate money last year to a friend's group. The relay itself always seems (at least it has the past 3 yrs for me) to fall on the weekend following a chemo treatment & I never have much energy or strength those weekends. We'll see how it falls this year.

you take care & don't stay away from us for too long!


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Thanks, everyone.

It was funny that I had a Relay For Life meeting tonight, and I ran right into a receptionist from my oncologist's office and one of the x-ray techs from the hospital. Told them both they'd be seeing me tomorrow!

John, I have to tell you, there probably be no puffing up post mammogram. *L* More likely, dropping right back down to my knees.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from everyone.


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Holding you in my prayers.


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Hi gail,

the relay for life sounds like fun.
I hope you make the $1000


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Hey, Pete.

I'm sure I'm going to make it! I got a corporate sponsorship yesterday that will put me at $950, and we still have 2 good fundraisers coming up!


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may some of that rub off on me.....Our Relay is May 13th and we are signing up survivors as well as Team members and our big money draw was BBQ...First year last year and we did great and was dubbed Largest First Year Fundraiser...Food was the ticket, there was none anywhere else on the grounds...This year I am smoking 6 hams and they are doing the BBQ again...and Lisa42, you will have the time of your life there, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll reminiece, and you'll cry some more, but it is undoubtably the most awesome experience I have ever been a part of..........it is a very rewarding affair, I can certainly understand why Tootsie does it over and over....Plus the fact that shes just so adorable ....LOL....I know that all scans and blood draws will be fine Mrs Gail, you just continue on your merry way, we are all rooting for ya..love ya, buzz

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Thanks for all the kind remarks, Buzz. You're so sweet! We'll be walking in Relay the same night, so I'll especially be thinking of you as I make my rounds. I'm co-chair of our Survivorship committee, and we're using Matthew West's song, "You're a Survivor" for the survivor lap. I always cry a lot during that lap, and I know I will be especially moved this year. My doctor's wife and son are on our team, and he'll be there for support. When I go by him, it'll be very special.

Hope your BBQ makes bunches of money for your team again this year!


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