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News on KERRY...... Not Good :(

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Hey All......... This is part of an email I received from Kerry's wife Susie. This breaks my heart. She wanted me to share it with all of you.


Hi Jennie. Things have been going downhill over here. Dick, the friend that was staying with us the past 3 weeks had to leave. By that time Kerry could not support himself on his own legs....they were just like wet noodles. Our son Dan came the night Dick left and then son Brad came Sunday after Dan left. I could not lift him by myself. I don’t think you can tell by that goofy picture of him, but he is 6’ 2” and weighs 180 lbs. I’m 5’4” and weigh 117 lbs. After a weekend from hell, Brad and I took him to the Rolla hospital Monday the 28th and had him admitted for evaluation. They did a MRI etc. and found that in spite of all the radiation that he had completed he still had a new lesion on his thalamus. The thalamus has something to do with the ability to move. April 1, he was admitted to a nursing home. He will stay there until we get all of the paper work and requests in for hospice care. I’ve been told that he will probably not last until Easter. He wants to die at home and I told him we would get him back as soon as possible that he would not die in a hospital!!!!!

I would appreciate it if you would let everyone on the forum know what has happened. Nobody has fought this crappy disease harder than my Kerry. We have great kids and they have helped so much while still trying to work and take care of their families too.

Please continue to pray for Kerry, that he has a peaceful passing.


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Tears. Praying for peace.


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I will pray for a miracle. I am so saddened Kerry is such a cool guy. This just breaks my heart. Thank You Jennie for passing this on. Tom

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Not too much to say. I will pray for him!.

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Thank you for the update. I really don't understand, did they miss this new lesion?. He's been through so much, now this. What the hell?!, really really upset for him and his family.

He's in my thoughts and prayers.


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oh no

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Devastating News. I will be thinking of him and his family.


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I am so sad, he was such a light on this board!


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I hate to hear this bad news for Kerry. Mets to the brain are so difficult and we've seen some evidence from a couple of other members who sadly passed away as well.

It's heartbreaking to watch but I really appreciate the update and hope for the best for Kerry. I understand the realities of where he is at and having a spread there is a constant fear of mine as I know what the possibilities are.

I want to wish Susie and Kerry some type of nice days and I'll still hold out hope for the better.


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Nana b
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He will be in my prayers. Please take care of yourself. Hugs, Raquel

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Thank you for taking the time to let us know about Kerry.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kerry that he may be made comfortable and be able to be home with his family.

I also pray that there may yet be good days for him and the family.

May peace surround each and everyone of you.

Marie who loves kitties

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Kerry and Susie and family, I wish many, many good moments for you in this upcoming time, and peace for all of you. Everytime I drive my tractor, I think of Kerry.

lots of love, Leslie

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Dear Susie and Kerry,

I am heartbroken to hear this news. You are so right Susie...no one has fought this crappy disease any harder than our Kerry...and with an ATTITUDE at that!! He taught us about attitude all the time.

My prayer going forth is that Kerry will get to his home soon and be with his loved ones in comfort.

My thoughts and love are with your family now and in the days to come. Susie, I know it is hard and nearly next to impossible to do, but still I'd like to beg you to take care of yourself too.Kerry would want you to do that.

Peace & love,

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Oh dear, such heartbreaking news. I so love Kerry's spirit and "fight like heck" attitude - it's helped us a lot over the past year. Not to mention all of the belly laughs that he's given us! Kerry - my thoughts and prayers are with you and Susie. Luv, Cynthia

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Thanks for the update,I'm very sorry for the terrible news.I will keep praying that he finds peace.

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And I am currently working with hospice for my mom...they are truly ANGELS!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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dear susie,

please tell the old coote we love him and miss him and that I was worried things
were bad as he was not here in posts only in our hearts.

The attitude he demonstrated and lived by touched all who read his posts.

Even today I just purchased victor frankel "man's search for reason" which is all about attitude. He took a brave decision with his op, he has given us so much more than we gave him.

My prayers are for you both and also thanks giving.


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so sad i have been crying all day real emotional today its getting close to the 2 yr mark angel died my thoughts and prayers go out to kerry and his family.


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Our thoughts and prayers are going out to Kerry and his family.
Linda and Miss Ellie

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We miss hearing from you and want to know that you are sneaking out just to keep the nurses on their toes. Susie, you and Kerry are in our prayers.
Many, many, many hugs!

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Susie and Kerry,
I pray for peace for both of you. I pray that you have some tender moments together to say good-bye. I pray that you make it home Kerry. I pray that your children have some special time with their dad before he moves on.
I know heaven will never be the same once you get there Kerry.

With love and aloha,

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Hi Jennie,

Thanks for letting us know. I sure wish the good news trend with you and Buzz could continue. This makes me so sad- hard to imagine tough old Kerry not able to stand up on his own and actually not being expected to make it past Easter. Easter's just 3 weeks away. If it is inevitable, then I will be praying for a peaceful and not painful passing & for peace for his wife Susie.


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Kerry is one of a kind; I love his posts + his attitude.

Jennie, thanks for keeping us in the loop, and Susie you + Kerry are in my thoughts + heart.

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I'm so sorry. I will miss Kerry here very much. There were times when I was so down in the dumps and along comes Kerry signing in and next thing I know, I am laughing till my eyes watered.

Take care - Tina

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This just sux! I'm heart broken

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Oh, no. I'm just devastated to read this. Kerry is defnitely one of a kind, and this world will be a shade duller without his presence. Prayers to Susie and the rest of the family. Kerry, I hope you know how much we all treasure you!


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Oh my gosh, this is horrible!!! Kerry seemed like the guy who is unbeatable by anyone...I really hope that the doctors are wrong, and he'll get back up his feet! Hey Kerry! I wish you the best!!! But don't suffer, you're right! And yes, leaving from home is waaaay better than from a hospital...but don't plan on leaving too soon! We need you here, and your family needs you!!! Please take good care of yourself!

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Hey Darlin Kerry,
You old coot you, I can't hardly believe your leaving us. You were such a huge part of my being here, your wisecracking, your wit, your down to earth ways. Gosh I love you my friend. I know the scary old woman understands the love we all share for you, she's had the greatest love of all for you. You gave us your time, precious as it was, you gave us your humor, so we could laugh and forget our pain for a little while. You spread your wisdom, so those of us that were new and scared, felt calmer and more eased in our minds about our situations. But wow, what a fighter you've been, both against cancer and ignorance. You remain my Hero Kerry. As long as I live, you will remain in my mind and heart.
I love you.
Winter Marie

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i am so sorry but this is just not right.it saddends me but also makes me mad.just to know a great person like kerry who has fought so hard for life and for cancer to just take it away.i have gotten a little better as far as getting in the fight mode.but it seems like everytime i get on this board someone else is newly dx or having a recurrance,or is dying or has just passed.sometimes it makes me want to go ahead and give in to this freaking beast because we all know the damn truth we are going to die from cancer.some sooner and some later but cancer has taken so many of our friends here.my prayers go out to you kerry and your family.we shall meet one day...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Kerry will always be present in our hearts, as will Susie.

Sending love and prayers.


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Aw, damn.

I so hate this disease.

Lifting prayers of comfort, peace and any final wishes,you old Coot.
Susie, I pray for your strength and comfort as well


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to me in many ways, he does not know me since I post infrequently, but bless you both. May you both know peace, you already have the love. Pat

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You have possibly married one of the grandest men I have ever had the pleasure of never meeting in person...He is one of wit, humor, contrary, honery, humble, most outspoken lion but in the same voice soft spoken lamb and is a pleasure to follow his stories, whether made up or real, brought joy to all that happened in on his tales. I am sure his life was full of more tales that most likely will go untold but a life of fun with family, love for his wife, and the gift of making people smile when there was nothing to smile about....He will surely be missed by all of us here...Please let him know that through him and his humor, that many people were saved from suffering long and miserable days and nights. I came in here just to find him and see what antics he played each and every day, and the "scary ole woman"..well, we all figured out that one pretty quick. He was one that you could uncover the facade and know his love for you, something everyone wants in life he has with you. I certainly appreciate the time spent with a man that has forever changed my outlook on life and will chuckle every time I think of the yarns he spun in here...Give the "Ole Coot" a big hug for me and tell him that I love him and yeah, I'll see him on the other side...and to you my dear, you assured in me that there are such things as angels....Love to you both..........Clift ( buzz)

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Oh no....I hate this. I hate cancer. But I'm so happy to have known Kerry. Bless you Kerry and Susie.

Love and hugs, Gail

Fight for my love
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OMG,this news saddens me so much.Kerry,you and your family are in my prayers.

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I kind of new something wasnt right when he didn't call me. He stated before he left for surgery that he would call me if things are going well. But at the same time he said his goodbuys if things didn't go as we hopped. I sure do hope he makes it home for his passing because that is the one thing he really wanted. I'm a lucky mam to have known Kerry and my life is better because of what he has tought me. We laughed more then once and he told me to never give up. He will always be a part of my life as many of you are too.

Sending my love to Susie and the rest of the family

Goodbye my friend

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My heart is broken. He is so upbeat and a go=getter. So this beast will take another life. God bless you Kerry, and prayers for the family. I pray for peace for you.... Petrina

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I will keep you both in my prayers...Yes Kerry fought the best of fights, he is a hero in my book! Please give him my love...God Bless you both


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Jennie thanks for passing this along.

Susie, my wish for you and yours is peace. As the responses to this prove, Kerry has touched so many lives with his "attitude" , his advice, and his charm.

Let him know, as he should already, that he is loved by many.

Fair winds and following seas, Kerry.


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Susie, I am heartbroken to read the news. Wanted to send you my love, prayers and tell you that even though I only knew a small bit about your beloved husband he was an amazing human being.

Take care of yourself, as much as you can right now. Tell Kerry I am sending him a huge basket of Florida sunshine to share with you and your boys. You will be in my prayers continually. With love, Joyce

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My heart is broken for you Susie. I did not get a chance to know Kerry but the small number of posts I read I could tell how good of a man he is. I will pray that he has peace and comfort in his final days. Take care and know all of us are thinking of you.


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Your dear, funny, precious husband will be so missed. My husband David died from this hideous disease a few months ago,but throughout our struggle of almost 2 1/2 years, Kerry was there for us. His kindness and sense of humour made him one in a million. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I pray for a peaceful passing and know the moments you share will remain with you forever. Please let us know if we can do anything for you.


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Your dear, funny, precious husband will be so missed. My husband David died from this hideous disease a few months ago,but throughout our struggle of almost 2 1/2 years, Kerry was there for us. His kindness and sense of humour made him one in a million. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I pray for a peaceful passing and know the moments you share will remain with you forever. Please let us know if we can do anything for you.


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OMgosh I'm so sad.....

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My prayers are with you both. Kerry, you made me laugh many a time. I've always admired your wit, your humor, your compassion, your love for your family, and your care for all of us.
Holding you in the Light for peace, comfort, and good times with your family. hope you get home soon. And holding you in the Light too Susie for strength and comfort.
I am so sorry.

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Kerry, we didn't know each other well but you made a great impression on me from the beginning. I pray for peace and comfort for you and your family, you all deserve that.
Chriss and Jack

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Aw damn. I am heartbroke. I love that man.

Kerry, Love to you.

Tearfully with love and hugs,


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That could express how sorry and heartbroken I am to hear this news. I pray for both of you that if this really is his time that he goes peacefully knowing all that loved him


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