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Support for survivors in their 20's

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Hi everyone. I'm 24 years old and just finished treatment for Hodgkins disease. I'm frustrated that I haven't been able to find other people my age and wonder if there's anyone out there like me. I was the youngest my treatment center and everyone in the support group I go to is in their 50's and 60's. I called the 800 number for ACS and they told me I could connect with lots of younger people through my local relay for life chapter, which I did, but was told relay is just for raising money and awareness. They don't have specific young adult programs. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Lily

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I did a Google search and found stupidcancer.com. They are an organization for young adults and have a ton of great resources and host a young adult cancer conference! I'm so happy! This is exactly what I was looking for!!!!!

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They also have brand new forums (http://forums.stupidcancer.com/) now. I'm 23 years old and was just diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma this summer, and have found like you it's hard to find people your own age with cancer (especially in your area)! And most others my age seem to disappear once they find out I was diagnosed with cancer :(

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Thanks for letting me know!! I just signed up!! It's AWESOME! This is exactly what I've been looking for! I feel like I just found "Young Adults With Cancer World!" lol lol!

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i was diagnosed in 06 with non Hodgkin lymphoma just after i turned 25. i am now 29 and in remission for 3 yrs. i haven't found anyone other younger people to talk to about it, just people older than me. i just found this site last night and I am hoping to meet new people to talk to about this experience.

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Hi Lily! and everyone else :) I am a 23 year old cancer survivor of almost 7 years now... wow. I definitely went through treatment at an awkward time, 16 years old. i was too old for the kids but too young for the adults. I never got to connect with anyone my age, and I still want to! Anyone who wants to get to know me can add me on Facebook. I'm excited to get to know everyone, and congrats. We made it :)

Facebook: Rachel Verbits

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tanker sgv
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I sent u a request, I'm not a cancer surviveor but I've lost most my familyy to it and I was my parents caretaker so I've seen this disease take down families. I couldn't imagine haveing it myself. I'm trying to get a page where young people can chat and post and raise awareness about all aspects of cancer. Please check it out , hope u all like it

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Lily, just signed up over at StupidCancer. what a great resource. I would strongly recommend anyone who would like another option to connect with young adult cancer survivors head over there and sign up. I love this forum but there isn't a huge young adult presence here. if you would like additional support head on over!

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Hi Lily,

I had Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 15/16 back in 1999/2000. I am 26 now (almost 27).

Just joined this site! Glad to find someone my age to talk to! :)


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Hey Lily I'm 25 and am also a survivor of Hodgkins it does seem harder to find younger survivors but were out their, and congratulations on your last treatment that's awesome

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Im a survivor of hodgkin's and im only 16 :p and you think your young. I do understand what your getting at everyone being older at your support center, everyone else i know that had hodgkins were in there 40s and 50s. Also during my entire treatment at the St Jude Clinic i never met anyone else with hodgkins, so ive never really got to share my experience with other hodgkins survivors.

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I was the youngest at the center I was treated too! the support group? well the support related group like gathering had no one as young as me either :p

and for teens, I think either ends up that you are like the oldest in a pediatric hospital,,, or the youngest in the adult hospitals,,, :S

I think the person that was closest to my age was in her mid-30s! and I was in my teens too,,, and we had the same diagnosis,,, also, she was pulled out of grad school or research :p and I was pulled out of high school, so we had a similar story in a way,,, :p so I think I was lucky :p

so I might be able to understand?
I'm here if you wanna talk :)

but the whole experience, the fight the human relations etc everything I went through made me grow :)

and yeah,,, I am no longer in my teens, but I once was ;) and that was when I was treated :) when you put on a few more ages, you'll hopefully think that being in one's 20s is still considered young :p

but even today, I think sometimes and say wow! I am 22! :o this is sooo amazing! I lived so long >.<
and of course I plan to live longer :p

all the best :)

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Hello everyone. I just joined and figured I would introduce myself. I'm 29 and was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma in January of this year, that's right, that rare cancer generally saved for people 60 and over.

It's nice to see some younger posters (just wish it was under different circumstances). Stupidcancer sounds interesting so I think I'll check it out. Thanks for that Lily.

Anyway, I won't weigh this thread down with my details, but if anyone is interested in knowing more, sharing, or just chatting, feel free to message me.

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I'm not sure why, but I'm having such a hard time figuring out how to use www.stupid cancer.com it looks awesome though. Thanks for the recommendation!

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me too, i can't like register??

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I signed in with facebook to register. It takes a day or two for the mods to accept.

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Hey Lily, I am 21 and recently finished radiation for my Desmoid Tumor in my hip. I know exactly how you feel I was too old to be considered a child, but I always felt so young and was always the youngest person around. I will have to check out stupidcancer

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I was trying to figure out Stupidcancer and I cannot figure out how to register!! -__-

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Hi NicoleDawn. 

How are you today? I dont like cancer either. I had cancer when i was 18 years old. blood cancer A-L-L. It was scary to have it. God has a plan for all of us. from Heidi2 

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True about the young CA survivors. Can you imagine a 24 yo with colon cancer in a room with 80 year olds; I was also the youngest they'd ever treated at the center and although there was nobody my age, I think some of the old timers had a lot of wisdom which they shared with me over the months. The whole experience was definitely the most intense and educational of my life and changed me completely.

trying to figure out the other site that you suggested.

All the best

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Is there an FB group for young cancer survivors?

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Hey diagnosed with tesicular at 19 ended up having it spread to abdomin Im not sure if I was the youngest when I was there I know I didn't find anyone in the hallways late a night around me age but I did get longest surgery / biggest tumor for the crosS lol so that's something if guess.  There is a site called YAAC I think young adults against cancer I'm not 100 present il go find it again but they try to create sup groups for younger youngish people like us I guess even doing semi yearly retreats and what not I don't think it's just canada I could be wrong i dout it though.  This is honestly the first site I've actually said some thing on.  Il repost the info later tonight.  

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I am 21 and was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer four months ago. Thank you so much for posting about stupidcancer.com. I am trying to find all the support I can right now. 

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