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1st onc vistit on Wednesday...

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Joined: Mar 2011

1st onc visit on Wednesday and am looking for questions to ask the doctor.


Steve Z's picture
Steve Z
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Joined: Sep 2009

Not knowing how you enter this first meeting, my questions would revolve around treatment.

What is the protocall for my treatment? (This should be the main focus, everthing else is follow-up on this)
How many people under your care are going through this?
Where do I get it? (My Onc did it in his office. There was a common area. Ask to see it)
What are common side-effects?
How do you treat them?
Should I bring something from home to help? (Not sure of your weather but I was sensative to cold)
What tests will I get during treatement? How often?
What could delay treatments? (Certain reductions in blood counts may impact this)
What happens once I successfully complete treatment?
What test/follow-up will occur?

Good luck to you. The biggest thing is to get comfortable wiht the people. I saw the nurses more than the Onc, so ask to talk to them.

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Just possible side effects and the main question ,can we fight against this crap? I was told yes so didn't wanted to know anything else , for the moment! Those where enough good news to me and didn't want to spoil it with too many questions that probably I would misunderstood !
Hugs and good luck mate!

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Joined: Jun 2010

I would add:

What stage is my cancer, and how does that affect my treatment
For chemo, what is the efficacy? You want to weigh this against the likely side effects
How often can you expect to see the Oncologist
Will any other doctors be reviewing your treatment (my Onc worked with a doctor at USC Norris)

Good luck!

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