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My second ZERO in eleven years surviving prostate cancer

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I just got the second ZERO in eleven years surviving prostate cancer. This is joyful news but can I celebrate it?
The PSA came out as 0.07 ng/ml and the Testosterone 28 ng/dl. These values are lower from a PSA=1.0 and T= 376, taken before HT in Nov 2010.

A brief chronology of PSAs along eleven years was like this;

Apr 2000; PSA=22.4 (at diagnosis of PCa)
Aug 2000; PSA=24.2 (surgery)
Sep 2000; PSA=0.12 (nadir post RP)
Jan 2001; PSA=0.26 (biochemical recurrence)
Mar 2001; PSA=0.42 (diagnosis of micro metastasis)
Nov 2006; PSA=3.80 (IMRT)
Feb 2008; PSA=0.05 (first ZERRO and nadir after RT)
May 2009; PSA=0.26 (diagnosis of recurrence)
Nov 2010; PSA=1.00 (Start of hormonal treatment, T=376)
March 30, 2011; PSA=0.07 (the second ZERRO, T=28)

In the contest of the hormonal treatment, the PSA result is masked however it still is used as the marker to indicate progress of the cancer. The treatment drugs (HT) aim at lowering the testosterone in the body but their effectiveness can be verified only through tests of T. Any increase of PSA in a low testosterone status means “recurrence” and the need to start another phase of treatment. Any stable PSA in high testosterone status means “dormant”, and such could last for ever.

I am happy to see another ZERRO. It has been a long wait.
Tonight red wine will be on the table.

Wishing the best to all the crew in this boat.

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I'm very Happy for you & with the great results you are showing. I appreciate your input when I ask questions.
Wishing you MANY MANY MORE reports with Zeros

Radiation Hopeful

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Congrats on the good news. Looks like the HT is doing its job.

I know it was 11 years ago but, wondering if you remember your post-RP pathology report results? That info might provide add'l insight into your PCa history.

Best wishes for continued success.

mrs pjd

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Congrats to you!!!


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Congrats to you. Wonderful news. Bob

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And all those years, we were shamed for getting a 0 on a test. Shoe is on the other foot now. Keep flunking VGama.

Best to all, and dthier loved ones.


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thanks for all the informative posts ,

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It's always nice to hear success stories when it comes to this dreaded disease. Yours is very refreshing and informative and thank you for sharing. May you have continued success in the future !!! Dan

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For posting your success in your journey with PCa. You give us all hope of many years of life beyond the dreaded diagnosis. May your good news continue.


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congrats on your 11 year test results..

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I appreciate the best wishes from all of you. Thanks very much.
I “cross my fingers” to the hope that all of us continue reporting success in the achievement of our goals and on a fulfilling life.

PS; Mrs pjd, as your request, in 2000 my clinical stage was B2 (T2c) and the pathological report after surgery indicated; Well Differentiated (G 2+3=5). Pathological Stage = pT3apN0.

kayak girl
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Praying we are right behind you V!
So happy for you, hope you enjoyed that glass of red wine!

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I've been out of the loop on the this network since February. My mother, age 89, was in the hospital and then rehab and back to the hospital after suffering a stroke combined with bels palsey which resulted in pneumoniua and death March 22, 2011. She's in a better place I know. The family was fortunate that she was able to communicate up until the last 1 and a half days and told us she was ready to go to her heavenly home.

I am so glad to hear that you have gone 11 years and still get a zero. May you have another 11 years free from the cancer beast. God bless you.


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I share tears with your family on the death of your mother. I am sorry for what you have been through. She would have been here longer wasn’t that stroke but she will be looking from above and caring about you.


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happy for you vasco.

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