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Very frustrated with my endocrinologist and staff

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As I have ranted before they have never had me do the LID diet and still aren't requesting that I do, however I am taking it upon myself to do that. I had to reschedule my scan and this time she set me up with Mon. Tues and Wed. thyrogen injections, bloodwork Thursday and scan on Friday. The previous appointment, she had me coming in for bloodwork prior to the first thyrogen injection. Is that how ya'll are set up? The nurse actually argued with me and then she looked how it was before and said oops! I am sick of oops! The last scan I had a few years ago, the hospital actually called to see if labs should have been done and they didn't do any labs at all during the thyrogen scan process. I was just wondering about the rest of you as I am discovering more information from the group than I ever got from my Dr. who only said "It's the best kind of cancer you can have so don't worry about it"

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I can't recall the timing of the tests with thyrogen, unfortunately. But, I did want to ask if it's possible for you to shop for a new endocrinologist. I would if I were you. Not all endos are all that familiar with thyroid cancer, particularly the details and ins and outs of treating and monitoring thyroid cancer.

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After this scan, I am going to have my results faxed to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville. My friend is an oncologist in Tennessee and he suggested I do the same. I have been asking for my thyroglobulin results to be given or sent to me and all of my requests have been ignored. I love my Drs. personality, but have lost faith in her. I asked about other patients having heart palpitations and anxiety and the nurse confirmed that almost all of them do, but said they can't prescribe anything for it, I would have to see another Dr. for that. I think it's ridiculous since it is a side effect of my thyroid being removed.

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Personality is probably a good thing for your regular doctor. But for a specialist, knowledge and communication have to come first. I can't speak to your endocrinologist's knowledge, but she certainly lacks in communication skills. I don't know how she expects you to decide what treatment is best for you if you don't know what's going on.

I think a lot of people forget their doctor is there to inform and advise, you should be making the decisions yourself.

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well for me i have gotten my appointments set up for my thyrogen and 1 year scan

dont have all the detales but here is what i have so far

4/13 labs
5/2 start LID
5/9 labs / baseline scan and thyrogen injection
5/10 thyrogen injection /RAI-131
5/11 thyrogen injection /RAI-123
5/12 Whole body scan / followup imedatly after with endocrinology
5/18 labs

I am not sure how many of thes lab sets are based for the thyrogen and how many are based on seeing how my synthroid/cytomel combination is working but at least the one on the 9th is for prior to thyrogen

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Looks like you and I will be doing our scans at the same time. So I will follow your schedule as far as the LID goes.....thanks for the info...:)

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