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3 Month CAT Scan tomorrow and a question about restless leg syndrome

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Joined: May 2010

Hello All, I haven't posted in awhile,I was taking a little break. But as always it turns out I need you guys because you understand more than anyone who's never been through this will.
I was found to be no disease detected in December. I'm being treated for a sclc tumor in my mediasteinum that was 11 inches long and 2 in wide. Now it's time for my 3 month scan and I'm having scanziety like crazy. I guess all i'm asking is that if you'd like to keep a good thought/prayer for me at 9:30am edt. today.
Now as to my next question. Have any of you developed restless leg syndrome after PCI? I finished the radiation over a month ago and all of a sudden my legs sometimes feel like they weight 500lbs each during the day and at night I get the restless leg itching, twtching weird feeling of RLS. If you have suffered this ( keeps me up 1/2 the night) what did you do and is there anything the Drs. can do?
Thanks again to all of you for being here when I need you.


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hi sue, my husband as well is going in today for his cat scan 7am. he has limited sclc as well he went in for his 3 month scan at the begining of march and they discovered that he had plueral fluid as well as an inflammed lymph node however he was sick with pneumonia when he went in so they wanted to do a repeat cat scan at the end of the month to see if it was the infection causing that. praying to god that is what it is. his first scan after he finished treatment showed his tumor had completely disapeared so it was a shock when he had his 3 month scan and it showed activity he has alot of weird things happening since he finished treatment he while lying in bed constantly shakes his leg i dont know if that is restless leg syndrome? well i wish you good luck today take care tracy

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Posts: 28
Joined: May 2010

I will be keeping your husband in my thoughts,,,here's praying for good results for both of us.

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Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

Sue, I haven't had any problems with my legs but have definitely had a lot of "scanxiety".
Praying for the best results for you today.

Stay strong,

Posts: 66
Joined: Jan 2011

I am still new to all this but when I had my first follow up scan after my lobectomy I too described it as "scaniety"..ask you doctor to prescribe some anti anxiety medication for a short period to get you over the hump...I am a mental health professional and it is quite common for our docs to do this and there is no shame either in taking/asking for it.

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I have had restless legs since treatment, chemo and rads, but both have been complete for months now. I also have muscle twitching and night in bed or relaxing on couch.

I blamed it on chemo (ended in Nov. 2010), but it seems to be permanent. We blame everything on chemo !!!

I also had a bad case of pneumonia, in hospital for 3 weeks and home iv infusions of antibiotics for a month after that. I am not sure of the timing of which treatment to exactly when I started with the restless legs.

I take Lunesta at night, it is pretty good sleep aid.

Walking alot seems to make it worse that particular night.

Hope this helps, maybe someone else has answers?



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I had RLS before the cancer, but it increased during chemo. It's worse on the day I get my steroid and blaster shots.

Like Dave said, Lunesta helped. But, for me, it went from $30 script to $120 (not covered by copay). So, doc scribed Ambien, which gives me funky dreams.

RLS is horrible, makes it impossible to get a good nights sleep. I toss and jerk and stretch my legs so much the dogs stopped sleeping with me, LOL.

I hate to repeat home remedies but have a friend who rubs pickle juice on her legs at night, she swears by it.

Dapsterd's picture
Posts: 291
Joined: Jun 2010

Try this link for Lunesta, you should only pay about $15. Spiriva inhaler has a similar coupon/card, not sure if you use this or not.


Not sure I want to try the pickle juice yet !!


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Joined: Mar 2011

Hi I am new to this site. Just looking for info. I have had RLS forever.
The Dr. prescribed Ropinerole. It has helped tremendously.
I had colon cancer in 2005, had a foot of it taken out and was told, go home we got it all.
5 yrs and 2 months later, it was back in my liver. 1/3 of the liver was removed and followed by chemo. That was 2010 I finished last feb and now it is back in the liver again. The ct scan also showed a stable 6mm supleural noncalcified nodule in the right lower lobe and a 2mm pulmonary nodule in the left lower lobe.
I copied this from the ct report. My dr. didn't see fit to explain this to me. Just made me an appt. with the surgeon. So I have to wait almost 3 weeks to find out what is going on.
The liver has a 2.4 x 1.4 Hypodense lesion.
So there ya go. If anyone understands any of this please tell me. Thanks, and God Bless.

LeeandShirley's picture
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Joined: Apr 2011

My husband has RLS since he started chemo. I tried an OTC medication called PERGOGESIC. It's about $9 and it relieves pain and also relaxes muscles. It seems to work for him. Not nearly as expensive as prescription meds. I get it at Rite-Aid and CVS. Walmart does not carry it. Try it. My family swears by it, for severe cramps and that night time tension that keeps you awake. You need to look for it, because it's usually in just one small spot on the shelf among all the Motrins.

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Joined: Mar 2011

I suffer from that and have had it since I was a teenager, seems the older I get the worse it gets. I was on a low dosage of medication for awhile and then quit as I thought I could handle it myself. Seems now it is getting worse and I think it has to do with nerves somewhat. My legs always feel like something crawling in them and can't keep them still at nite. I am scheduled for surgery next week over at Rochester, MN for who knows what in my one lung so am sure that is bothering me. I do know there are meds out there for RLS and I am going to get on something...... this being awake for half the nite or more is not worth it. our body needs to recuperate during sleep. Good luck to you....

Posts: 31
Joined: Aug 2010

Sue how did your scan turn out? Your in my prayers MaryAnn

Posts: 31
Joined: Aug 2010

Sue still praying for you. Hope to hear from you. MaryAnn

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