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Abnormal Pap

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I am new here to this board, myself am 16 months post for head & neck. Yesterday my oldest daughter got her results and they were abnormal. Her gyn is going to do biopsies this week, he seems to think that it just might be an infection and wont know until he gets a closoer look.
He mentioned something about freezing them? Has anyone had that done? Any help would be appreciated so that I can possibly calm her fears.

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Hi Dave,
It's hard to tell from your message what kind of abnormal pap your daughter had, but if they are talking about freezing anything, the problem is most likely confined to her cervix. I definitely wouldn't get upset before a biopsy is performed because a lot of benign conditions can cause an abnormal pap smear. If you think the problem is with her cervix then you might find more answers on the discussion board for gynecological cancers other that ovarian and uterine.
I hope everything turns out okay.


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The freezing is called cryogenics- using cold to burn cells. Biopsy is important. She might want to have biopsy of uterine wall also. I had endometrial cancer of the uterus that went down into my cervix- so the cancer in my cervix was classified as uterine cancer in my cervix. I had an ultrasound of my uterus which was normal but my biopsy showed endometrial cancer. You know only too well what it is like to wait for biopsy results. Pap smears don't detect uterine cancer but likely will find cervical cancer. Many women have cervical erosion where the tip of the cervix has bumps on it and some abnormal cells that can be managed with cyro surgery and the cells are considered "pre-cancerous" which likely is your daughters case.

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I had this done back in 1991. It was not painful at all. Then you can't have sex or use anything in the vagina for 6 weeks. Then they reran the pap every 3 months for a year and mine was ok after the freezing. The biopsy was painful in that they scraped inside the cervix and it cramped very badly. I would recommend taking something before the biopsy They pour vinegar inside the vagina and cervix and then biopsy anything that turns white. They also took quite a number of photos (had a camera mounted on a tripod) but when I saw them later it only shows the cervix and not the surrounding body parts. I also had a biopsy done on a white spot on the labia. They gave me a shot to numb the area and a nurse laid across me so they wouldn't have to scrape me off the ceiling they said. Now that really hurt and they had something that looked like a paper punch and punched a piece out and sent it to the lab but it came back normal.

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My daughter went to her gyn the other day and it was a false positive he didnt find any thing again Thanks

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So glad to hear that your daughter got a good report. Enjoy each day.

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