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Colon Cancer Awareness Month

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Hey everbody, just thought I'd throw this out there. Does anyone know that March is Colon Cancer Awareness month. You would think that after battling cancer and chemo for 4 years I would know this, but I forget a lot (probably chemo brain). I'm stage 4 and currently going throught my second regimen of folfox + avastin. I've done everything that the oncologist had on his list from A-Z, now we are starting all over from the very beginning. Back to folfox after 4 years. I've had 67 rounds of chemo but by the grace of God I'm still going strong. Anyway I was listening to the local radio station yesterday and I finally heard someone mention that March was Colon Cancer Awareness month. With only a week left in the month, I finally heard someone mention it. Nothing on the national news or newspapers. You would think that the second cause of cancer deaths behind lung cancer would receive more national publicity. Maybe we need a spokesperson like Susan G. Komen to get the message out, not just about Colon Cancer but about all cancers. Cancer is Cancer, it needs to be brought to the attention of everyone. We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awarenes month because everything turns pink. Pro football players and baseball players all wear pink apparel during the whole month. I'm not downplaying Breast Cancer, it is a horrible disease as is all cancers. I'm just saying other cancers do not get enough attention. For the month of March I would like to see everything turn royal blue and be in all the newspapers and magazines. Let's find a cure for all cancers and treat them equally. Cancer is Cancer. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. God Bless each and everyone of you, Randy

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Hey Randy: I knew it...that's why I'm doing the "Swim Across America". :) And no, not everywhere it is ONLY PINK! At Swim Across America there's no color...it's for ALL existing cancer types....actually, not "for"..."against"...:)

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tanker sgv
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http://www.causes.com/causes/557289-a-ribbon-for-all-cancers i felt the same way and heres the link to a site i started for all cancer to be treated equelly. check it out , join . or feel free to leave any comments. hope u enjoy.

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we dont even have a support group where i live for colorectal cancer.there is lots and lots of support for breast cancer and i am not saying that is bad those people are suffering too.i dont understand why colorectal cancer does not get the recognition it deserves.i too was NED for 19 months.i have been dx stage 4 with mets to my liver and lung.my onc wanted me to start again with folfox and add avistan into it.i have only had one treatment and it was pretty rough.how many have you had?do you have any lasting side effects from your first rounds of folfox?sorry for all the questions but you are the first person i have seen who is stage 4 and getting the folfox+avistan.good luck to you ....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Hey johnnybegood, I'm sorry to hear about your stage 4 diagnosis. I was first diagnosed as stage 3C, 20/22 lymph nodes positive. My first regimen of folfox was 4 yrs ago just after surgery. I was in a very dimished state of health due to weight loss, etc. The folfox was very tough then, but like I said, I was not very healthy. 4 yrs later I still have some neuropathy on the finger tips and bottom of my toes. It has somewhat improved over the years, I think you also kinda get used to it. The oxaliplatin is what causes this and my onclolgist and I are watching this real close since I'm now back on folfox + avastin. I've just finished my 3rd round of 12. So far it has been pretty good, a little more numbness on my right foot but not bad. The 5FU also does a number on the hands and feet, they call it hand and foot syndrome. Your hands and feet get painfully puffy red, throb, and crack and peel. The first time I had it the skin on the bottoms of my feet peeled off. I had to wear gloves at work to protect my hands(I'm a landscaper). Later, the onc put me on xeloda pills which is 5FU in pill form. That didn't last long, about 10 days. All the skin on the palms of my hands including my fingers completely peeled off all at once, kinda like I stuck them on a hot griddle. Anyway, I was very apprehensive to repeat the folfox but we have run out of chemo options since I've done it all. I believe that being strong and healthy will get you throught the chemo side effects much easier. I'll let you know when I get my nexr CT scan probably in May. Take care johnny and God Bless you, Randy

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the reply.in march 2009 is when i did the so called mop up chemo.i did 10 rounds of folfox.well this time i was scared to death to go back on that but onc feels i would not be able to handle the diareah with the irritatecan.time will tell.i hope i can get a few treatments in me and the little bast!!%$# nodules will shrink.good luck to you and nice to meet you...Godbless....johnnybegood

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for the BYU/can't remember who they played - game. No mention of why they were there but it was nice to see the recognition. Just recently the Undy 5000 has started to advertise for the June event. Little baby steps I guess.

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I recently got a message from someone on my Facebook page about participating in the game of saying kind of weird or provacative things on my status to promote breast cancer awareness. Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Not that it was bad, but it really irked me that I've gotten this message three different times from different people, all during colon cancer awareness month! We did have the "Wear Blue Day" earlier in the month for colon cancer awareness, but not a lot of people knew about it. I was fortunate in that the school staff where I used to teach actually all wore blue and took a picture of it for me- it was awesome!

The pink awareness definitely outweighs all the rest- especially now with the I Love (heart) boobs bracelets out there. Nothing wrong with that, but it's sad that it's so much in comparison to not much awareness for other cancers.

I guess the only thing we can do is to get the word out!!!!


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You echo my feelins exactly, especially aftr losing my husband to this monster. I think ALL cancers are horrible and I think ALL cancers should get the same amount of recognition and funds for research!

In any event take a look at my avatar, I, for one am very aware, everyday of my life


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i havent heard about the i love(heart) boobs bracelets.does that mean we need to get us some i love(heart)butts bracelets...LOL...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Yeah, I knew. I'm on the planning committee for our county's Relay For Life, and another lady and I are doing a monthly newsletter for survivors and caregivers. We highlighted it this month.


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