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It's growing. :(

NayPaul's picture
Posts: 230
Joined: Oct 2010

Went for the results of the most recent ct. A portion of the tumor has started to grow. Certainly not encouraging news.

From here, we test for the ALK mutation, and if positive, start crizotinib. If not, then it's pemetrexid.

To say this was like a kick in the stomach is an understatment. My wife has been doing so well. Climed 40 stories a few weeks back, and we just walked 4.5 miles yesterday.

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Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

So sorry to hear that your wife's tumor is growing but it sounds like her doctors have a game plan.

Stay strong and keep the faith, there is hope.

Please keep us posted.

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Joined: Nov 2010

Sorry to hear the news about your wife's tumor growing. I recently signed a waiver so I could be tested for ALK and possible Crizotinib participation. In the meantime, It is Alimta and cisplatin for me. My oncologust and I are convinved that Alimta will produce even better results that Gemzar. I still am hopeful for the Crizitinib trial!

Best wishes always to your wife and to you.


Posts: 12
Joined: Jun 2010

Sorry to hear this news. I totally understand as my wife had been in remission for 9 months when we got similar news except that in her case it was mets to the brain (with no other sign anywhere else). These have been dealt with by the cyberknife, but we were devastated to hear this news. We quickly got our legs back under us and are fighting again. Keep your spirits and faith up. She needs you now more than ever!

May God Bless You and Your Wife!


karenbeth's picture
Posts: 194
Joined: Sep 2010

I hope the new treatment takes care of the tumor and that you all remain in good spirits.


Posts: 829
Joined: Aug 2010

So sorry to hear that your wife's tumor is growing. I hope whatever step she takes is going to be helpful. Just keep telling her how much you love her and appreciate every day you have with her. Take care. Carole

Posts: 30
Joined: Nov 2010

I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

stayingcalm's picture
Posts: 654
Joined: Feb 2007

And here I am, naively and selfishly hoping to hear only good news, while the world went on without me :(

I hope Crizotinib will be the magic bullet for your wife!


NayPaul's picture
Posts: 230
Joined: Oct 2010

Yesterday, we felt sucker punched..... u all know the feeling. Today was tough as well, but we did start planning. We hope crizotinib will be available to us. She has adenocarcinoma, nonsmoker, female, tested negative for efgr. All of those up her chances of being alk positive, but still a one in four shot.

We researched many trials available within a 500 mile radius, the other hopeful one seems to be lucanix...a vacine. However that is a double blind..... nd I don't think we want to risk that before trying Alimta..... anybody have experience with lucanix?

Thanks again.

Posts: 199
Joined: Jan 2011

I am so sorry to hear you got that kind of news. Don't give up the fight. I hope the Chemo is the answer.

hope0310's picture
Posts: 324
Joined: May 2010

Keep fighting the good fight. I will be keeping you all in my T&P.

Be good to yourself

NayPaul's picture
Posts: 230
Joined: Oct 2010

Thanks Elysia.... I too lost my mother in 2010 (July). From metastic breast cancer so I appreicate your situation with the loss of your mother. Hope you getting there.

hope0310's picture
Posts: 324
Joined: May 2010

But I am getting there. Trying to live by her example and continue her legacy of loving life and being happy. It can be a struggle at times, but I know that is what mom would want for me.....

Be good to yourself.....

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