Is it Possible? Please help me.

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Hi, I am new to the board. I pray that someone could help me. My husband has breast cancer with mets to all the bones. I know this is the Lung Cancer section. I am thinking you can help me. As a caregiver, I feel that I am in the dark. I am so afraid and confused. When my husband was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Mets to bones, I read his reports and CT Scans etc. This was back in Nov. 2009. The reports read Pleural Effusion in the lungs, ill defined opacities nodules, etc. He is on chemo for the mets to bones. Since then I have watched him decline. In the past 9 months my husband has had several infections, they have treated him for pneumonia, he has had several steroid shots to help build his lungs. He has had advair and is now on albuterol. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight. He wheezes, coughs, hoarseness, short of breath at all times. He always sounds like he is gasping for breath when he talks. He can not walk from one room to the next without almost passing out. I notice around his neck area (mainly at the throat or the air sac section- it is sometimes puffy like a blown up sack, other days not. He coughs a lot at night-it has increased a lot. I have asked his dr is the related to the nodules or pleural effusion...he never gives me a straight answer. I feel that my husband may be telling the dr. not to give me anymore information. Is this suspectful of lung cancer? Am I missing something. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight. He was 255 and is now 170.


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    Is your husband on oxygen since he is having such breathing difficulty?