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Mestatic Liver cancer

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My wife was diagnosed with primary Duedonal cancer which has spread to the liver, she is a
otherwise healthy 54 female in excellent physical condition. She has been treated
with chemo three times once every two weeks , they have done a cat scan and stated that the tumors in her liver have not reduced and taken her off of chemo. Kaiser is the insurance company , I'm concerned after only three treatments that this would be long enough to drop her care? Does anyone have any knowledge as to weather this would be a short time to expect results in such a short period of time.

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Hi, my aunt has pancreas ca mets/liver. it´s dificult to say something about results in short periods, but can you talk to another doctor to have some more informations about??? or you can search in the internet some sites related to chemo and results, in my poor opinion a good doctor gives some details that are too important to understand why, where, how, when, how long and who can help in the specific case. God bless you

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My mom is 81 & survived Stage IV uterine cancer for 5 years & then it met. to liver. They found the tumor in her liver Dec. 2009. The when she started a round of chemo, the tumor was 5 cm & I remained the same thru out chemo, but they had to stop due the debilitating side effects. The CT Scan in 07/10 showed it had grown to 6.7 cms in 2 mos. Her CA-125 level is good at 35 & all labs are normal, even her liver function. We are having to decide if she will do another type of chemo or not. My mom has Kaiser Ins. too. Her doctor told us that surgery & radiation was not an option & even chemo won't result in remission. Chemo will only be to give her more time, although he has not mentioned if we are talking months or years.

How is your wife doing now? I hope well

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Ask dr if she qualifies for Y 90. Its radioactive isotopes specific for inoperable liver tumors.

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I was dx w/mestatic liver cancer before they found the primary cancer was breast. I had chemo for 6 mths and had to have a mastectomy in May. All along my liver responded well no lesions and my levels are normal. This was found from my blood work taken every 3mths because of the cholestrol meds. Its been a year my liver is clear and the counts are normal.I have Herceptin every 3wks for the breast cancer no other drugs for cancer.They say the liver heals well I've been positive it will get healthy and stay healthy. Henrietta6

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First Of All I WOuld Like to Say AWesome For You! You Are Doing So well.,...
My MOm Has metatic liver cancer and is 4cm's big and has went through almost 11 rounds of chemo and then they put her on the Xedola Chemp pill which resulted in her ending up uin the hospital...if you have any info that you think would help and if you know what stage would 4 cm is???my poor mom is so weak right from fighting so hard....They say they cant operate because it came from the breast cancer she has 3 years ago...They found the liver cancer in sept of 2010 and she is Giving it one hell of a Fight....Please reply to me and IM soo Happy Your doing so great

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hi, im new to this site, just read ur post and we are going through the same with my mum, shes metatic liver cancer from the breast, shes been on xedola orla chemo for the past while, shes had 4 courses but has been in hospital for 3 of them :( this time shes so so weak and very depressed :( on a brighter side she got a scan last wk and the lumps were away by 75% ! im just really scared now shes worst her fight, all through the treatment shes had really bad dihorea! this causes her to have really bad piles and sore stomachs, also shes had every infection under the sun!another really bad side effect was sore hands & feet, she cant walk they get that bad. dont know if any of this info helps?
but im just drained with the whole thing :(

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I'am a newly diagnosed 57 year old male with duedonal cancer which also had spread to the liver. My treatment started with chemo every three weeks, Xeloda 500 MG, four in the morning and four in the evening for 14 days. First round has not effected me at all.
My understanding is in three months I will get a cat scan to see if it has reduced the tumor in the small intestine. Doctor explained to me that this treatment has good results but the problem it has spread to liver which is not cureable. It has just been over whelming for me.

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I'm 54 yr old female. March 2010 I had my first colonoscopy had no idea there was spot on my ascending colon. the next week I had surgery, it was only in 3 of the 23 lymph nodes that were removed. However, there was some lesions on my liver, some had been there ofr years, but unfortunately there were supposedly some had gotten to liver. I took some chemo, then stopped. I resumed the chemo Dec 2011 till end of Feb 2012(had some bad reaction) It did kill the central area of the main tumor in the middle lobe, but a smaller tumor in the right lobe.
What I'm getting at is the Oncologist I was seeing sep
t me up with Interventional Radiology at Birmingham Alabama to have Yittrium 90(SIRS). I had that done may 10, went back this past week for the first scan. Dr says its stable. I think the Y90 is best bet. It's not systemic and dont have the side effects of the regular chemo. I have had the major chemos for the tumors from this mess....anyway I think it would be worth checking in to they dont do this Y90 everywhere was what I was told.

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I was also informed that xeloda was like baby chemo...I tried the xeloda pills as well...they didn't do anything for me at all......I was told if you take xeloda, you have to wait a few months for the Y90. I dont knw but its worth the asking. Interventional Radiologist handle the Y 90 them and the nuclear meds.

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