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Anyone have problems long after interferon therapy ended?

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I ended my interferon therapy in June 08. I still have daily headaches, joint pain, memory problems and several other of the common side effects associated with interferon. Has any one else had prolonged side effects from this therapy? I have seen my pcp but he has not mentioned if he feels like these problems are related to the interferon therapy.

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I ended my interferon therapy in October '09. And the side effects continued on for well over a year. Everything for lack of appetite, hair loss, fatigue, weakness in the muscles, even some fainting spells. My doctor kept telling me that it would take a long time for the effects to wear off, but even he started having doubts. My problem ended up being traced to my thyroid. That had altogether stopped working, due to the therapy. I now take medication to help with that, and everything is finally starting to go back to normal.

So I guess, just expand your options. It could be something entirely different from the therapy, and the side effects could be throwing you and the doctor off.

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