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First Birthday without My Dad

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Boy, didn't think that not hearing my dad wish me a "happy birthday" would be so painful. First time not having him here to tell me that. I'd give anything to hear his voice say "happy birthday Sal" one more time. So many years I took it for granted. Didn't think twice about it. Now it seems I'm thinking about every little tiny thing he's every told me through the years. I miss him so much!!

Thanks for listening. It helps knowing I'm not alone in the pain of losing someone.


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luz del lago
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Happy birthday, Sally. I pray that those words will feel "easier" this time, next year. All these firsts, so difficult to bear.

Take care,


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Hi Sally,
Happy Birthday!!! I know how you feel, except the one I missed saying "Happy Birthday" was my husband Tom. He always came into the kitchen and would put his arms around me & give me a big hug & kiss. My birthday was last week, March 10th. Almost a year since I lost him, but the first birthday without him. Have a good day!!! Carole

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This year coming up will be hard, and I can't begin to imagine what it's going to feel like. Lots of hugs hun. Hope all the good memories you have will carry the day.

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Two years ago my dad left a voice mail on my cell phone, he sang the birthday song to me. That was before we knew he had cancer,I'm so glad I saved it.
I'm sorry that there is sadness on your birthday. Hopefully, next year will be easier. I guess the important lesson is to make the most of the time we have because, we just never know. Thinking of you.

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