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never give up

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found this wonderful site by accident,I was diagnosed 1999 with prostate cancer which already left the prostate,but not aggressively-but no operation.consultant put me on lupron which was just coming out.got down from 67 to 0.4, after 9 years following dynamic test shot up from 6 to 19.0 so now on casodex as well-it works but side effects grotty but still living and fighting.so keep your chin up. davey76 uk resident

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From across the pond, welcome to the PCa discussion board. Thanks for sharing your positive experience & comments re hormone tx aka ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy). Yes, I agree, this IS a wonderful site.

While each man's PCa is unique, so is each man's reaction to ADT. Hormone tx often gets a bad "rap" on this discussion board, since most of the positive stories, like yours, often go untold. Triple ADT is one of the txs my husband, PJD, received along with two types of radiation tx (recently completed).

Like you, there were a few side effects but overall, PJD tolerated the drugs well and he is active, healthy and feeling good. Our research involving intermediate to high risk non mets PCa showed that ADT, especially when used in conjunction with RT for primary tx, is effective in reducing the rate of BCF/recurrence and extending survival rates. While not necessarily "curative" (is any tx really "curative" given the insidious nature of PCa?), ADT or intermittent ADT, used under the supervision of an oncologist specializing in PCa, can be a viable tx in the arsenal against PCa.

Your story is encouraging and you are truly a survivor! Wishing you continued success.
mrs pjd

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mrspjd thanks so much for your positive comments,it seems difficult at times to discuss things with people-I sometimes think its the so called :stiff upper lip !!seeing my consultant 10 days for progress report. in the meantime good luck to you and yours.Davey

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