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Exercise May Improve Odds Against Prostate Cancer Death

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Makes sense.... http://www.pcf.org/site/c.leJRIROrEpH/b.6481387/k.4157/Exercise_May_Improve_Odds_Against_Prostate_Cancer_Death.htm

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Exercise couldn't hurt. You read and hear a lot about diet and exercise helping you become a healthier person.

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there isn't anything bad about exercise. it's all good.

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As someone who began a moderate exercise program in which I exercise my arms and legs while in my hot tub, I can attest that it has certainly enabled me to be able to continue to walk and work and play as well as I am. The more strength I can maintain as my bones deteriorate from the tumors the longer I will be able to fight the pain and endure. Everyone should exercise but especially those of us with aggressive cancers. Not doing so will lessen your quality of life.

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It's pretty simple really. When you exercise hard, you are developing your cardio and tearing down muscle to then rebuild it to become stronger. In that state, your body is continuously in a healing mode. When working out hard, injuries heal at phenomenal rates that baffle most surgeons who usually don't know as much about rehab as cutting. Any hardcore athlete knows this.

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