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Is this a major Issue?

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Is this normal? I had a RRP six weeks ago and things were going along as well as can be expected. Dripping and using 4 or 5 pads a day. The other day I woke up with a pretty strong stream and then almost nothing the whole entire day. I would go to urinate, 3 drops would come out and when I tried to kind “force” the rest, I got bad pains.

Went to the Urgent Care Center were they did a urine and blood tests both negative. They then did a cystoscopy that showed a “narrowing” and scar tissue at the end of the urethra. They did some “stretching” and then inserted a catheter. As my luck would have it when I got home (2 hour trip) the catheter came out…seems like the balloon did not inflate properly and was defective. It was decided to go without the catheter to see what happens. So far this morning I can urinate again but am very apprehensive. Didn't last long. Had to go back for yet another scope and cathter. Don't know yet how long I will have to have it in.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Bob

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You mentioned going to the Urgent Care Center. Have you reached back out to your surgeon/urologist? I personally have not heard of this.

Joe in NJ

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Yes, the Urgent Care Center is part of the hospital that did the surgery. It seems that around 6 or 8 weeks out you can get scar tissue in that area. I guess anything can happen with this type of operation. Waiting for the surgeon to call me back today. Hopefully this is just a minor set back.


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